West Eats Meat

West Eats Meat


It's like Ornette Coleman meets Shakti in Ravi Shankar's living room. A fusion of Indian classical music and free jazz like no other.


Formed in 2005, West Eats Meat is a blend of Indian music and other Eastern sounds with the Western idioms of rock and free jazz. The genesis of the band lies in the experimental instruments created by luthier Ari Lehtela. Blending elements of the Indian Sarod and Sitar with the guitar, the end result is much more that each alone. Bassist John Shaughnessy and drummer John Spurrier had both the ears and the technical facility to realize Ari's new ideas. After a couple of early gigs, West Eats Meat was born. The group has moved steadily away from composed ideas, and towards collective free improvisation. In 2006 they recorded a 6 song CD "West Eats Meat", which is currently for sale at CD Baby, on their Myspace page, and at gigs. The band plans to book festivals and other shows throughout 2007 in support of their new CD.


West Eats Meat - 2007

Set List

Our "songs" are mostly free improvisations or sketches, so a typical set varies videly. In an hour set,we usually do between 3-6 different styles, feels, grooves - often drifting one into the other as the mood strikes.