Western Civ

Western Civ

 Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

1st airplay on Sirius XMU 12-8-10! Upcoming GBV tribute LP with Flaming Lips, Thurston Moore, Kelley Deal and more! Last LP produced by Mitch Easter (REM, Pavement) on 80+ FM stations! 6 wks on the CMJ radio 200! 4 out of 5 stars in Chicago Tribune, as well as ink in Pitchfork, NME,Magnet and more!


Western Civ is contributing their versions of Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory and My Valuable Hunting Knife to the upcoming Guided By Voices tribute album which includes The Flaming Lips, Blitzen Trapper, Thurston Moore, Kelley Deal and Buffalo Killers, Crooked Fingers, Elf Power, La Sera (Katy Goodman of the Vivian Girls), James Husband (Of Montreal), Jason Isbell (formerly of The Drive By Truckers) and more! Set to release in early 2011 on No More Fake Labels.

Press for this project has been amazing thus far. Here are just a couple of the media outlets covering the tribute:



Rolling Stone Music News:

Clash Music (UK):

Western Civ also plans to release another full LP in spring of 2011. So far the songs written for this project get back to the roots of Western Civ's sound and seem to be incorporating Rich's love of 60's garage rock as well.
2009 in review and 2010 preview:
"Shower The People You Love With Gold" held for
6 weeks on the CMJ radio 200!It was also selected as the #23 album of 2009 by
WXDU and ranked the #8 most played NC album on WXDU!

Great ink in:
Chicago Tribune (4 out of 5 stars!)
The Sun Sentinel (Miami,
4 out of 5 stars!)
Baby Sue (5+++ out of 6 stars!)
The Baltimore
Sun (4 out of 5 stars!)
as well as many online blogs and zines!

Festivals Western Civ played:
CMJ Music Marathon (NYC)
MPMF (Cincinnati)
(Wilmington, NC)
Corndogorama (Atlanta)
MEANY fest (NYC)

and they
opened for:
Jay Reatard
Dead Confederate
Throw Me The Statue
Jukebox the Ghost

2009 was a blast and 2010 is shaping up to be even better!! We will be releasing 2 EPs in the coming year, one live project and one studio release. The new songs are shaping up nicely and we can't wait to share them with you!! There is also going to be a Guided By Voices tribute album being made this year and Western Civ will be included along with some indie rock legends who shall remain nameless until we officially announce! So consider that a bit of inside information! 2010 is going to be a busy year and we are jumping in head first! Thanks for the support!

Some bands we have shared the stage with:
Jay Reatard, Dead Confederate, A Place to Bury Strangers, Mitch Easter (Let's Active), Throw Me The Statue, Modern Skirts, Jukebox The Ghost, The XYZ Affair and more!

Western Civ

Like most bands of the indie-rock persuasion, the members of Western Civ tend to balk at efforts to define the band's sound. "Can I just tell you what it isn't?" asks guitarist/singer Rich Henderson. And it's not that he hasn't had time to mull it over-- Henderson and his longtime pals belong squarely in the catagory of musical "lifers". "I don't think I could do anything else," Henderson says, his generally-easygoing features taking on a steely edge as he makes the admission.

Despite Henderson's characteristic reticence, a few adjectives spring readily to mind when listening to the Chapel Hill, NC-based outfit's upcoming release, the Mitch Easter-produced Shower The People You Love With Gold: terms like "textured" and "intricate" might seem at odds with "infectious" and "raucous", yet any listener who's ever worn an ironic thrift-store sweater would be compelled to admit that, yes, they all apply.

The new release, due on the 24th of February, is the third from the group, whose core lineup of Henderson, Jason Briggs, and Bryan Cabler remains unchanged. The trio is frequently augmented both on stage and in the studio by cohorts Jason Hall, Kemper McDowell, and Ken Larson).

Western Civ descended on Mitch Easter's Fidelitorium Studios in May 2008 to lay the tracks for Shower, which was recorded in eight days and mixed in five. "We're ecstatic at the outcome of the new record," gushes drummer Cabler, whose enthusaism often serves as the precise opposite of Henderson's restraint. "Working with Mitch was easily the most amazing experience of my...can I call this a 'career'? Maybe I should say 'my musical life'."

Henderson, Briggs, and Cabler were all members of the same small-town Alabama high school class, and have been making music together with virtually no interruption for well over a decade. Nonetheless, they only began to concentrate on public performances and recording in 2005, when they released the self-recorded EP Regent Kingfish Slumberpad. "We decided to let the rest of the world in on what we'd been doing for fun in a practice room for ages," says bassist Briggs.

Slumberpad was followed, in rapid succession, by the band's first ta


Under the Moonlight

Written By: Henderson, Briggs, Cabler, Hall

Who holds the line, all the time
while the vampires were howlin’,
screachin’ and growlin
under the moonlight, under the stars

who holds the line all the time
who holds the line all the time

Oh California! Sweet marijuana
under the moonlight, under the stars

Blacklist the Communist actors
proud brothers and sisters
We’ll have a good one
under the moonlight, under the stars
Who holds the line all the time
who holds the line all the time

the stations are manned to the top of the wall
the falcons are dying of nothing at all
The hilltops are scanned by the zeppelin clouds
You’ll never believe what they found

The Secret Lives of Viceroys

Written By: Henderson, Briggs, Cabler, Hall

Your arsenal is optimal
and its never looked so nice
got tripped up on your history
I had a hard time figurin out
Oh Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh Oh
Your arsenal is optimal
and its never looked so nice
I tripped up on your history
I had a hard time figure it out
Your arsenal is optimal
Your arsenal is optimal
Your arsenal is optimal
Oh Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh Oh

American Pines

Written By: Western Civ (Henderson, Briggs, Cabler)

American Pines
by Western Civ
Henderson, Briggs, Cabler

Liberated By The First Wave
Of the Fashion Brigade
From a magazine rack

Educated on the front lines
of american pines
in the hologram woods

Perpetrated on the front lawns
Of the ignorant pawns
while the curtains were drawn

It's the song of a cynic
It's the breath of a gun
and the tidewater falcons
they got nowhere to run

Elevated over the grains
of societal plains
in a luxury suite

Acclimated to your front porch
while the cotton was scorched
on a hot afternoon

Languished in a desolate town
It was the worst that I've found
It's the worst that I've found

It's a way to feel empty
without looking inside
the bohemian hipsters
they got nowhere to hide

I'll live my life
terrapin skies
continuous lies
American Pines, American Pines
American Pines, american pines
I'll close my eyes
just for today
it's far too late


Western Civ released their Debut EP "Regent Kingfish Slumberpad" in December of '05.

Then in 2007 they released the LP, "Remington Steel Magnolia."

The new album "Shower The People You Love With Gold" was produced by Mitch Easter (REM, Pavement, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Birds Of Avalon, southern culture on the skids and more) and was released in 2009 to much critical acclaim!
All of Western Civ's releases are available through most online retailers and can be ordered from your local record shop through super D distribution.

Here's a list of some of the radio stations currently playing Western Civ...we hope to keep adding to this list periodically, so check back for updates!

First airplay on Sirius XMU on 12-8-10!

FM stations playing Western Civ:
(UPDATE: with 80+ FM stations now playing Western Civ, this list is just not updatable! :)

94.7FM, 94.9FM and 104.5FM
Long Island's only Alternative

*"General Eclectic," WCVF-FM, 88.9 FM Freedonia, NY (SUNY)

*WDYN 100.1FM -
Rochester, NY

*"Great American Music Hour" on WRIR FM 97.3 in Richmond, VA

*Trent Radio 92.7 FM in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

*WNCW 88.7 FM - Spindale, NC (network)
92.9 FM - Boone, NC
100.3 FM - Charlotte,NC
97.3 FM - Greenville, NC

*WPVM 103.5 in Asheville, NC

*WVOF 88.5 FM -Fairfield, CT on "The Upper Room With Joe Kelley" on Mondays from 4-8 pm EST.

WRUW 91.1 FM- Cleveland, OH

WUSB 90.1 FM-Stony Brook,NY

KAOS 89.3 FM- Olympia, WA

KYCY 1550 AM-

KBUT Crested Butte CO

KCSS Turlock CA

KDUP Portland OR

KLCR Dubuque IA

KSLU-1 St. Louis MO

KTCU Fort Worth TX

KWUR St. Louis MO

RLC Piscataway NJ

SFR Boston MA

WCWM Williamsburg VA

WGMU Fairfax VA

WHUS Storrs CT

WMHB Waterville ME

WRCU Hamilton NY

WVOF Fairfield CT

WVUD Newark DE

WXDU Durham NC

WECB Boston MA

WMXM Lake Forest IL

Online Radio and podcasts:

*East Village Radio NYC: www.eastvillageradio.com/index.php

*KRFC, RadioFreeColorado - a Live365 founding station, webcasting since July 11, 2000.

*The indie Connection -NY

*exposedradio.com Podcast #11 includes "Of Her Many Newfound Splendors." Podcast #18 contains a full review of the EP, samples of three songs, and the full version of "Stingray Blanket"


* Lazlo's Den, blowupradio.com

* RadioMarmalade on 365 LIVE!


* Radiocrystalblue.com


*Clea's Cave: www.live365.com/stations/clea8

*Ghost Rider Radio: www.ghostradionet.com

here is a quote they sent us when we submitted with them.
"You recently submitted your music to us and frankly it rocked our socks off!"
--Insomnia radio team

*Jamestown Radio (Jamestown Music Inc.): www.jtownmusic.com


*Take One Radio: www.live365.com/stations/stingermedia

*IndiElectronica Online Radio Station: http://www.indielectronicaonline.com/

*E-RadioBiz: www.e-radiobiz.com

*J-pax Radio Show: www.jpaxradioshow.com

*KERFM: http://www.kerfm.zoomshare.com/

*Small World: www.smallworldpodcast.com

*Rea of Sound:

*Mighty Field Of Vision:

*The Upper Room With Joe Kelley:


*iChannel -

*Elkhartradio -

*Thin Pillow Music

*WRUW 91.1FM- Cleveland, OH
Listen live online at:

*WUSB 90.1 FM-Stony Brook,NY
Listen to podcasts of past shows at:

*KAOS 89.3 FM - Olympia, WA
Listen to the web feed at:

*Band Radio LIVE -

*Amplified Podcast #20 -

*Rock Vacation -
Every Tuesday night at:
(rockvacation@hotmail.com) or 1-866-626-2604

*Nexus Radio (UK) - www.nexusradio.co.uk

*Buzz (Live 365)-

*Kansas City Internet Radio-

*Radio Fly 1-

*Rock God Radio -

Sonic 1 Radio -

*Pro Productions Radio -

*SubTrax Nation -

*Chelmsford Rocks (UK) -

*i Like 2 Rock!

*Midnight Masquerade

*Radio Enigma

*Highspeed Radio

*Curtrog Radio

Set List

Set list varies show by show and is based on set length. Here is an example:

Punish the Audience

I am a Waterfall

Oceanic Boundlessness

Secret Lives of Viceroys

Capital Steps

(cover song occasionally)

Self Propelled