Western Conpherence

Western Conpherence

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We're exciting but laid back. We know how to set the mood and rock the crowd. The Western Conpherence comes from the essence of the California Culture. Venice Beach, Crenshaw Blvd., Vans, Chuck Taylors, White T-Shirts and Levi's, Bomb Kush, Fine Girls in Daisy Dukes.


Based in the Crenshaw District. The Western Conpherence is primarily made up of two members(Tytanium and Dank Will) who are both veterans in hip hop. The group is often joined by Ghanjah K, Indachee, and Boo Kapone. The sound is based on the culture of South Central Los Angeles, but the songs can be related too nationwide, worldwide. The Western Conpherence is known for having fun if nothing else and it shows in their music.

Set List

White T-Shirts, 3 To Tha Dome, Bangin' in L.A. Will Never Die. Our songs are, on an average, 3:45 minutes.