Western Haunts

Western Haunts

 Seattle, Washington, USA

With lazy, melodies, lush guitars and thundering toms, Western Haunts' alt-country sound is a call to Midwestern revival, drenched in reverb and the ambiance of shoe-gaze music.


Gradients, Western Haunts latest self-released full-length, is truly a product of its environment. Challenging circumstances, including stumbling upon an armed burglary attempt on their studio and nightly rounds of gun fire, threatened to curtail the Spring 2015 recording and mixing sessions. To say this made for a tense creative energy in the studio is certainly an understatement. To say that Gradients doesn’t deliver on the sonic embodiment of driving tension and the rush of cathartic release would be a mistake. Gradients is a lush, vast, glacial album that walks in the footsteps of its 2014 self-titled predecessor. However, what differentiates Gradients from the rest of Western Haunts’ discography is the distinct incorporation of 80’s New Wave and Post-Punk influences, making Gradients their most upbeat and dynamic release yet.

Western Haunts music con be heard across the nation on CMJ radio stations and programming on MTV and FUEL TV. Live Western Haunts have been touring and playing bills with artists the likes of Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside, Jessica Lea Mayfield (Nonesuch Records) and The Moondoggies (Hardly Art). The band has been a featured studio performer on KEXP, performed at premiere music festivals such as Seattle's Bumbershoot, Capitol Hill Block Party, The Denver Times Underground Music Showcase and curated shows by Seattle's City Arts Magazine and Seattle Weekly.

CSNY, Neil Young, Beach Boys, Built To Spill, Fleetwood Mac, My Bloody Valentine, Spiritulalized, The Zombies, Pink Floyd, Electric Bob Dylan, Cocteau Twins, Swervedriver


Capitol Fires

Written By: Western Haunts

Run through the market like wild hungry children of cannibal criminals free like the flood
With they’re silver tongues.

You draw a line in the sand hand in hand with the bandits who ran in the name of the cross
Crooked albatross

You can rely on. Bandits light the…
Capitol Fires
From the sleeping shepherd
You can rely on. Fools gold

Are you one of us? On a wire
Spark a fight in us. In the fire

Where do I stand? Where do I cross?
Where will I land? Is it all lost?


Written By: Western Haunts

I can see your colors running
Fire on a bed that’s burning
Silence all your children’s laughter
Cairo it’s the morning after

Standing on our shoulders pharaoh
Line them up and sling your arrows
Mired in ancient river narrows
Flood the street with all our marrow

In halls of elders we’ll bloom our shelter
Tear the gates down and flower the seeds of spring