Western Skies

Western Skies

 Denton, Texas, USA

Western Skies plays a style of music that is relatively unheard in most music circles. We mix many american styles of music such as Folk, Americana, Rock and Roll, 50's Rhythm and Blues, and Surf rock to create a sound that can be enjoyed by a diverse audience.


Western Skies started out as a solo project for singer/songwriter Michael McMahon. This gradually turned into a collective effort to write and perform music that has slowly been forgotten by many people. We play what we describe as "American Rock and Roll." We have taken many different old genres of music that originated in America such as Americana, Folk, Surf Rock, and 50's Rhythm and Blues and mixed these all together to create a familiar, refreshing sound that is unheard in most music circles today. Our influences include songwriters such as Neil Young, Townes Van Zandt, and Leonard Cohen. Lyrically, the captivating stories that these performers tell through their songs is Western Skies' biggest influence on songwriting. Musically, we take influences from The Cramps, The Ventures, Neil Young, and The Rolling Stones. The wide variety of music that we play is the thing that sets us apart from other bands in that we can appeal to a diverse audience group and our songs do not all sound the same as the last one we played.


All Too Human LP is due out January 2011. We have been featured on KNTU and TCU Radio stations.