West Haven Blast

West Haven Blast

 Compton, California, USA
BandHip HopPop

New Def Jam Artist


The hottest underground artist of our day.

Hailing from Compton California,Haven James' music is quickly spreading and catching the ear of thousands. Already developing a strong fan base,in and out of the U.S.,evident by increasing iTunes sales,he released his new single "You Got It" in the summer of 2010.

The single recieved immidiate response.(Especially with the ladies...) "You got it " started off with a booming 84 rank on Jango internet radio...in it's first week! He is also currently heavy on the mixtape circuit with three mixtapes (feat. Dj Jiji Sweet) released in the summer of 2010. (Check out datpiff.com and look up "Haven James" for reference.) Haven was also included in the underground mixtape series "Compton Gutter",and subsequently had his music video featured on the "Compton Gutter DVD:1000 bars and running".

Coming out of one of the most impoverished,gang-infested regions of our country,this man aspires and desires to break the mold, to positively influence, and to truly live the American Dream. Introducing Haven James.

Born in Long Beach, and raised in Compton, this West Coast living legend has got all the tools to be the next hip-hop superstar. Fire-starter tracks,supreme lyrical ability,and a silver screen personality,it seems the sky is the limit for this former high school and college basketball star.


West Haven Blast-"Make The Block Jump" is now recieving Top 40 FM Airplay in markets such as:
Texas,Indiana,Mexico,South Carolina,Georgia,London,etc...

Def Jam Releases:
West Haven Blast- "Blue Magic"
West Haven Blast- "Google Me"

West Haven Blast- "Made In America"
West Haven Blast- "Hustle In The Hub City"
West Haven Blast- "Track Blast-Mixtape Instrumentals"

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