West Hell/Nard

West Hell/Nard

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Our group has done many many shows so there for our on stage perfomence is an atteention getter by it self. We also were premier artist at the frist Detroit Hip Hop Music Awards. Also countless contest with Proof(R.I.P.) when he was in a group called Tribe of Tha woods. We always came in second.lol


This is not our beginning. In 1995 we made our frist album which was call" DC Mob" which stands for Detroit City Mob. We sold over 25000 copies by ourselves hand to hand with a Great amount of help from the owner of the label Darryl Howard.

Our greatest influences are our local and underground artsit(everywhere). The reason being is that the great amount of energy some artist put into thier projects and the courage they must have to go on stage or put their songs, their pride out there for everyone to judge.

The fact that we have enough drive to get out there ourselves and get things moving is what setsus apart from different groups,the fact of the countless ideas we have busting out our heads, as far as songs and shows.


I was a part of an album entitled DC Mob (Live From Detroit). We currently are in tha process of putting together another album call: Hood Excuses. We are striving to get enough attention to get airplay at this time.

Set List

We have a introduction set thats about 2 1/2 mins.
We usally do the most popular song we have first. Depending how long a set we are giving we do the most up tempo songs we have.