We Still Have Paris

We Still Have Paris


We Still Have Paris is your new favorite band!


We Still Have Paris formed after the many mishaps of New Jersey Hardcore bands. Kevin, formerly in To Kill The King, started up We Still Have Paris as a side project. After finding a few members, Gary, Mike and Rudy joined up We Still Have Paris after leaving their band Dear Darla. Gary used to play in a hardcore band called Swinging for Dear Life with Steve and asked Steve to join the band.


The Oxygen War

Written By: Kevin Kumetz

Breathe deep,
It only haunts you,
to whoever you say it to
Will I wake up the next morning?
Ever since I left my side,
my body feels like it has died
all thanks to you

This is a war not worth fighting for,
you're not the same anymore,

How many times,
will we fall on these lies,
we tell to eachother?
"You've fought hard against the current, but dive down in the wrong direction"

This is a war not worth, fight it for yourself