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westley horner


Westley Horner


Working with Westley Horner is like training a Dobermann puppy to become a junkyard guard dog. Boundless energy, endless enthusiasm and total commitment to the job in hand topped with youthful boyish charm but... with an underlying sensation that at any moment, he might bare his teeth and bite your hand off. Westley is a brawler – giving you the blues whether you want them or not.
Westley Horner is and are: Westley himself vocals/songs and guitar, James on bass and Paul White on Drums/Percussion. A 3 piece guitar, bass and drums outfit from West London, England, that take a refreshing break from the norm yet maintain a traditional “rock n blues n soul” soundtrack that has been garnered a cult following around infamous venues like the Half Moon, Putney, London for the last two years.

With more than a nod to the great guitar troubadours of the 70’s and 80’s and all due respect is being placed to those that in turn influenced Westley.
However don’t for a minute think that he takes the lazy option. His song writing gives him an edgy originality combined with a familiarity that keep his audiences growing and coming back for more.

Westley lives, eats and breathes song-writing and truly believes in the kind of music that lifts,moves and ultimately involves his audience.

His heroes would be Neil Young, Dylan and Marriott but Westley compounds these influences into one explosive force that electrifies the room with a punch-in-the-face take on the traditional sounds of the 70’s , with the backing of his groove heavy rhythm section.The Westley Horner experience is one of hooks, grooves, soul n roll, guitar-tinged bliss and infectious rock songwriting which is guaranteed to leave you speechless.