West Moon

West Moon


West Moon is a pair of guitars and voices that honestly portray two souls. A blend of Jack Johnson, Dylan, Paul Simon, Bruce Cockburn, they are, at the same time, something unique. They write thoughtful lyrics and pay attention to melody, harmony, timing and space. Stirring, smooth and subtle.


Kevin and Andrew have been playing together for around three years. Occasionally, they have played with additional musicians to flesh out a more standard sound, but the root of their music has always been the two voices and the two guitars. Andrew is young - 23, he has a theatre degree and an artist's soul. Kevin is not as young, 37, almost has a science degree and has seen his music as a constant through a life of science and technology. The singer songwriter is their biggest influence - and how they see themselves. Ron Sexsmith, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, James Taylor, Paul Simon, Bruce Cockburn - they all figure heavily into their evolution as artists. West Moon may perform as just the duo of Kevin and Andrew, or may add drums, bass, keys, as the mood and opportunity permits, but vocal harmony and skillful guitar define their sound.


As of this writing, they are in the final stages of recording their debut album together.

Set List

We typically play three sets of approx 1 hr in length. We play around 25% original material, which is a feat in our town, we feel. We endeavour to change that. We will always play some Dylan, Cockburn, Tragically Hip. Rolling Stones, Sam Roberts, Pink Floyd, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Tom Petty, and other similar artists fill out our sets.