West of Memphis

West of Memphis


West Of Memphis Delivers Authentic Chicago Blues House Blues Band - At House of Blues San Diego for 2 years running.. entertaning at the Anaheim HOB monthly.... "West of Memphis, despite its name, has nailed the Chicago Blues!...." - San Diego Troubador


Founded in 1999 by Harmonicist Karl Cabbage and Guitarist Tom Walpole, West Of Memphis has been plying the Blues trade since 1999. Supported by an array of able sidemen, Cabbage and Walpole has succeeded in keeping the vision of the project on course. Committed to playing high quality and authentic American Blues Music, West of Memphis has not succumbed to market pressures that would have the band lazily following the road well traveled. These Guys play the Real Chicago Blues..


Released Recordings...

2007 Honey Pie
Nominated 2007 Best Blues Album San Diego Music Awards
National Airplay
International Sales

2006 Monkey Business
Nominated 2006 Best Blues Album San Diego Music Awards..
Both Titles sold at the House Of Blues San Diego Gift Shop.

Set List

West Of Memphis - Performs an array of mid-century Blues Classics and Originals inevideably crafted in the same vein..
Think Muddy Waters (M. Mckinleyfield)
Little Walter ( M. Jacobs )
Jimmy Rogers ( James A. Lane)
John Brim
Howlin' Wolf.
Not Loud just good music