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"A night in WNY"

So I wake up with this incredible hangover and started browsing myspace.com. I came across this band from NYC that just made things better. The singer immediately stood out and reminded me of the band "Live" right when they got signed in SF, Ca. The song "On My Own" was the first track I checked out. With smooth vocals and tight rhythms, this track really engulfed me! I contacted the band and found out what these guys are truly about. They are a bunch of cool guys that write some great tunes. They are "West of Seven". They are not metal, or hardcore. They are just trying to make some good music. With solid song writing, great rhythms and after talking to the band; it is truly from the heart. I give these guys nothing but respect because that’s what they deserve. The song "Chemical Down" was the second song I hit. Their music just puts me at ease. It's just a feeling that they have manipulated into emotion.

Mark Gibson - Raginpit Magazine


Be My Cure - 2005

The CD receives streaming radio play on garageband.com.

Life of My Design has won Best Beat in Rock, week of 28Feb2005 on garageband.com.



Rock has always been marked by a great mosaic of various talents, resulting in new blends of style and sound. West of Seven is no exception, as this New York City foursome has risen out of the ashes of time-honored standards and resurrected the blue-collar work ethic. The result - a release of its audience from the monotonous day-to-day, a celebration of our own daily lives culminating in musical dynamics.

Originally formed in 2003, each of the members has endured the daily grind of 9 to 5 while trying to bring West of Seven to a full-time endeavor. Be My Cure, the bands debut CD, echoes this sentiment. Lead vocalist Mike Bonfiglio’s lyrics and stylistic approach reflect longing for individual advancement, making ends meet, and introspectives into self-worth. Sean Doran’s guitar tones and heart-felt leads provide the mood tracks. Juan Bastidas and Justin Benson's explosive rhythm section fuels the aggression and motivation of getting the job done.

Reminiscent at times of Incubus’ rhythmic stylings and the boot-to-the-throat crunch of Godsmack, West of Seven has been casting an increasing shadow over NYC, with its brand of melody meets mash. They are a live act garnering increased attention, as their crowd grows at each show. A crowd with which this band can identify with its want to forget about the grind, and scream out in song.

Mike Bonfiglio - born in Springfield, VT, Mike was raised on his father’s folk and classic rock influences. He sang for most of his life until he took up piano, saxophone, and finally guitar during his formative years. His guitar playing provided the impetus for his songwriting. After graduating from Wake Forest University, where he played in a couple of different musical projects, he settled in NYC. There he got involved in the local music scene, where he met up with Sean Doran.

Sean Doran - a garageband lifer, Sean has run the gambit of different rock styles. Though his influences include Zeppelin, Rush, Dave Matthews, and Tom Morello, he’s been involved in blues, prog rock, and southern rock bands, which have given him a comprehensive reservoir to draw upon for songwriting. His previous band, Clearview, which featured current West of 7 bassist Juan Bastidas, enjoyed good success on the Long Island music scene, receiving radio airplay, and a trip to the LI Music Festival semis, before disbanding in December 2002.

Juan Bastidas - a worldly-influenced artist, Juan toured the U.S. and Europe as a tech, most extensively with Joan Osborne. Originally a guitarist, Juan switched to bass upon noticing the high demand for the position. Juan was enlisted by Mike and Sean after initial sessions with his brother, Andy, former Clearview guitarist.