West of Sunset

West of Sunset

 Redwood City, California, USA

West of Sunset plays a vast range of rock/metal music that draws it’s roots from all over the map. Mirroring the elements of their idols, West of Sunset echoes beauty, ambiance, and aggression in their music; effortlessly dabbling in both the popular and obscure of the musical spectrum.


In the summer of 2010 West of Sunset was born from two of the main writers and brothers from former Thrash Metal band "Syndicate". Developed towards the tail end of "Syndicate's" fame, both Sean and Ryan Johnson met the eccentric Johan Guerra, bass virtuoso. It was then where the trio sat down and gave musical fate it's chance. Then in the summer of 2011 they came across Rodney Dudum, a guitar wiz also from the San Francisco Bay Area. With the addition of Rodney, West of Sunset was completed and what came out was pure melodic and intelligent music that none of us could refuse to turn away from.

Some bands which fans have compared us to include: The Mars Volta, Coheed and Cambria, Scale the Summit, Periphery, Protest the Hero


West of Sunset Demo's (2010-2011)
West of Sunset EP(Pre-production)(2012)

Set List

Sunset Intro
Castles In the Sky
Creatures of Panthalassa
Time Traveler
Blessing in Disguise
Clouds of Fire
Precious Child
The Reign of Kratos
So sweet, So Evil
Spider Slayer
Sever 83
Conversations with Dr. Spaceman
A for An Effort
...Standing By
Tooth Dug Grave
Doused in Static
Estimated Time: 2 hrs