We Stole The Kids

We Stole The Kids

 New York City, New York, USA

Take everything you love about indie rock, add a powerful poppy female lead to it and the rap skills of August Coupe, and throw it through the interesting craziness of a neo-electronic sound. Rage, party, and dance at the same time. Time to get stolen.


WSTK was formed by young artists whose ambition and creativity overshadow their age and experience, yet each member has large achievements to their individual credit. In prior projects, members of the band have performed sold out concerts at the historic Apollo Theater, the Bamboozle festival, and Bombfest. Several members of WSTK were part of The Band Eclypse, whose first EP debuted in the top 10 of the iTunes Rap/Hip-Hop Albums Chart in late 2010.

Since the formation of We Stole The Kids in 2011, the band has strived to achieve something totally unique that also sits comfortably in the ever-shifting pop climate. Sonically, the band collides catchy rock and hip hop with infectious pop and electronic trances. At its most eclectic, WSTK conjures indie, dance-pop, and dubstep influences into songs like "Find Me There,” which was released in late 2011 to a very positive critical response. The band has finished production on two debut EPs, which are set for release in March and May 2012. A video for the first EP's lead single “All In My Head” was released in February of 2012, with videos for the next two singles ready to be released as the EP release date approaches. 2012 looks to be a big year for We Stole The Kids.



"Find Me There" feat. Megan Vice - Video & Single released September 2011, amassing over 50k listens on internet radio as well as several thousand downloads

"All In My Head" - Video & Single released Febuary 27, 2012

"I'm Alive" - Video & Single released March 2012

"Mr. Minus" - Video & Single to be released April 2012


Late Night Episode EP set for release in May 2012

Set List

Our setlist is configurable based on the demographic and venue, but we highlight the following songs:

Find Me There
All In My Head
Call Me

We have a growing catalog of 15+ original songs to choose from, and keep every show fresh. We play every song live, and take pride in not using playback and turning each song into its own live animal, letting it grow and not feeling confined to what is on record.