We Stole the Sun

We Stole the Sun


We Stole the Sun. It's a bit fun!
We love to make music and snaz songs up a little with Emilys husky jazz voice, Sams powerful vocals and awesome guitar skills. We both write songs and do a mix of covers and originals.
We loveeeee to sing and gig!
We also share a love for Jesus and belong to WPBC!


Sam Burrows and I (Emily Rice) have been jamming together for a year and a half, since we discovered how well our voices seemed to blend together
We began covering songs by artists we both really liked, but makin' them our own by adding our jazzy/funky/soul type feel to them. Such artists as Corinne Bailey Rae, Kimbra, Laura marling, Amy Winehouse, Swell Season, Jon Foreman, Radiohead and heaps more.
Over the past year we have had numerous gigs at such places as Roasted Addiqtion, The Masonic Tavern, Ferguson bar, Cranks bar, One2one cafe and our local church cafe (Cafe Windsor).
Both of us have been writing songs for a few years now and recently started to co-write songs which has been an awesome challenge as we both have such different ways of thinking and writing.

I am doing a BMus Pop major at Auckland uni currently in my first year and LOVIN IT! I studied at NZSM doing BMus jazz major last year, which is most likely the reason for the jazzy vibe I have in my voice, and my love for writing songs with a bit of a jazz feel to them.
I teach singing part time at Milford Primary School and at Music Education Centre.
Sam leads a band called Shift, who have just released their debut EP called 'Chase the Wolves' and have had loads of gigs and were ranked as No#1 on Life FM! They're pretty awesome!
Sam was a teacher at Kingsway School with a music speciality and is now a young adults pastor at WPBC, also with time to pursue his music career.
I got to sing one song on the EP with them called 'So Long' which is a beautiful duet Sam wrote.


Released single:
So Long - Shift, feat. Emily Rice

Released on Emily Rice Soundcloud:
For What
If she were a bird

Set List

Singles- not released YET:
Dirty Little Fights - Sam Burrows
Hey Dear- Sam Burrows
Put your life on hold- Sam Burrows and Emily Rice
Carefreely dancing- Emily Rice
If she were a bird- Emily Rice
Jungle- Emily Rice
Canvas- Emily Rice