West On 18

West On 18

 Kent, Washington, USA

We are a Mixture of good old rock and roll with catchy pop rock beats.


Influences are blink-182, Hey Monday, All Time low, Slash, more to come....


Their debut LP, Vented Frustrations, is, in its way, a slight re-working of prototypical pop-punk. While being extremely listenable as the work of a "pop-punk/emo"-style band, the harmonies have more of a depth and the timing is a little different--both speaking to a unique vision of the genre and a forward-thinking attitude about the directions in which it can be manipulated, but the element that truly sets this band apart from its peers is its guitars. Lead guitarist Scott Reed was clearly raised on healthy amounts of Slash and George Thorogood, nods to both of which punctuate nearly every song. The heavy riff-age and blistering solo parts give the songs a visceral immediacy that made the genre so compelling in the first place,

Set List

Do you remember me
Seriously this is a love song
Bad Reception Radio
West Coast Sunset
Projekt Badass
Vented Frustrations