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Weston Super Mare

Gatineau, Quebec, Canada | INDIE

Gatineau, Quebec, Canada | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Rhoby est un des auteur-compositeur / réalisateur le plus distinct qui"

La marque de son est notée pour ses
sensibilités atmosphériques sans parallèle et ses humeurs
ambiantes mais aussi du son rock d'avant garde dotées d’ arrangements
époustouflants dans un format de musique tantôt pop avec les
traitements de structure rock. Avec ses compétences en composition/
écriture, en studio Rhoby poursuit l'honnêteté émotive sur la perfection
technique et les méthodes de studio peu orthodoxes pour atteindre
une signature viscéralement puissante et de façon complexe. Rhoby
a lancé son premier album édition limité , No strings attached au mois
de juillet 2006 au Canada et à Londres, Royaume-Uni en 2007.
Aucunes ficelles attaché est un mélange de rock/pop/musique ambiante.
l'un peut remarquer immédiatement ses compétences de composition
comme il ouvre l’album avec Everlasting Youth. Un homme spirituel
il est, et un d'Amérique du Nord aussi comme il glorifie son patrimoine
canadien dans la chanson de classe ouvrière Still Motion. Sa capacité
à étonner ne semble jamais arrêter comme vous écoutez le long de
l'album avec les chansons comme Remedy avec un style inspiré du
blues du sud et après il transporte ses auditeurs dans une transe
d'humeur changeante-ambiant avec le morceau Red two, suivi par
deux d'autres chansons ambiantes également merveilleuses.
Quelquefois un peu politique avec ses chansons comme dans The Dove
Shines on Broadway, Rhoby semble vouloir atteindre une plus grande
audience avec ses styles différents. Il a fait certainement avec sa
dernière chanson, Under the Sun qui est une chanson pop avec un
crescendo impressionnant à la fin. Vous pouvez trouver aussi deux autres
chansons pop sur l'album. Aucunes ficelles attaché, comme le titre suggère,
est un melting-pot de styles mais Rhoby gère pour tout garder
ensemble pour que l'album flow naturellement. Une autre production
brillante derrière la musique alors que Rhoby signe l'album comme
réalisateur & arrangeur.
Ensemble avec son nouveau band : Weston Super Mare, Rhoby a tournée
à Londres, UK et revient maintenant à son pays natale pour jouer
de nouveau. Son nouveau son consiste de : Alternatif/Britannique-Rock
Il lance son premier EP avec Weston Super Mare cette année - L'article par Phil Brydon du Orange Show

"Rhoby is one of the most distinctive Singer-songwriter/Producer that"

The trademark of his sound is
noted for his unparalleled atmospheric sensibilities and ambient
moods but also straight forward rock music with mind-blowing
arrangements and to top it off, pop music format with rock treatments.
Just a plethora of music ! With his distinctive vocals and blue-collar
songwriting skills, in the studio Rhoby pursues emotional honesty
over technical perfection and unorthodox studio methods to achieve
a signature sound both viscerally powerful and intricately beautiful.
Rhoby launched his first album limited edition in July 2006 in Canada
and in London, UK in January 2007. No strings attached which is a
mix of pop/rock/ambient music .One can immediately notice his
songwriting skills as he opens the record with Everlasting youth
and Wonderland. A spiritual man he is, and a North American
also as he glorifies his Canadian heritage in the working class song
Still motion. His ability to surprise never seems to stop as you listen
along the album with songs like Remedy with a bluesy-crunchy style
and then right after he transports his listeners into a moody-ambient
trance with the piece Red two, followed by two others each equally
wonderful ambient songs. Sometimes getting a little political with songs
like The Dove shines on Broadway, Rhoby seems to want to
reach a larger audience with his different styles. He certainly
did with his last song, Under the Sun which is a pop-rock song with
an impressive crescendo at the end. You can also find two other
pop songs on the album. No strings attached, as the title suggests,
is a melting pot of styles but Rhoby manages to keep everything
together so the album flows naturally. Another brilliant production
behind the music as Rhoby signs the album as Producer & Arranger.
Together with his new band: Weston Super Mare, Rhoby as toured in
London, Engalnd and now is coming to his home country to tour
once again. His new sound consists of Alternative Brit-Rock.
He his releasing a first EP of Weston Super Mare later this year - Article by Phil Brydon of The Orange show

"I am glad you made me aware of your songs."

I love this song and the vocals
have exactly the right touch of sensuality, sensitivity and melancholy.
The chorus stays in my mind a long time after the song has stopped.
Excellent arrangement and everything is in balance. - -mats
- Mats 6 - Stockholm, Sweden

"’WOW finally some really fresh..."

a great track here, a trully song man...
I love this ways of compositions with great vocals and impressive guitars
put in together...congrats man, a truly piece of music
- Angie´s Spiral - Madrid, Spain

"’the Songsmith at Play weaving up his pop magic!"

few here can did it better then you when it comes to the whole musical pkg.!
I mean this is another finely tuned hit, ready for radio play, it’s got all goods
in place, tight song theme, strong vocals, good lyrics, mix is overt & punchy...
hey this is good stuff, much enjoyed & Thx for sharing it, have a great
musical year!! I just think things are going to get better & better for you,
if that’s what you want.........Peace out’’
- Eli-Tone Zone - Ventura, California USA

"’Excellent job"

‘’Excellent job! A true architect of profound music.”
- Clonal Proliferation - Alberta, Canada

"$$$$$$$$, that's what it smells like when i hear your music..."

‘’You should be filthy rich with songs all over the radio’’
- Infestations - Chicago, Illinois USA

"‘’Nobody does Pop better."

As usual excellent production values.
You remind me a bit of Radiohead in this one. This should be #1 in the charts IMHO.
Excellent stereo image. Vocals nicely mixed in perfectharmony with the music.
You're definitely the upper echelon of artists here.
- FuzOnAcid - Planet Fluff Magazine

"Absolute beauty"

“It's pretty obvious to me that you know your way around not only
in the studio environment... but the song writing kitchen as well.
- Mumu - Istanbul, Turkey

"10/10: Amazing!"

I listened this song several times and I came to the conclusion
that this song is just great! Original, mixed very well, great effects. A 10 for this one!
- Music Maniac Press - Amsterdam, Holland

"This is a stellar Artist’’"

This is a stellar Artist’’ - Digital Kitten Music - Sydney, Australia


No strings attached - released 2007 in Canada and UK
EP This one night - released 2009 in Canada
Mind the gap album- release for this spring 2012



Weston Super Mare still young career highlights include international performances in London England, Montreal, Quebec city and Ottawa/Gatineau region. They’ve supported acts such as The Cure, The Stills, The Stereophonics, Coda, Claude Dubois, Sylvain Cossette, Les Pistolets Roses and many more.

The band is also distinguished for their production skills and been commissioned to remix and produce major artists. In the studio, they pursue emotional honesty over technical perfection and unorthodox studio methods to achieve a signature sound both viscerally powerful and intricately beautiful. The trademark of WSM sound is noted for its unparalleled atmospheric sensibilities mixed with distinctive vocals and blue-collar songwriting skills. They’ve worked in studio with Richard Niles (Ray Charles, Paul McCartney, Pat Metheny, Tears for fears, James Brown, etc), Cat Stevens, Arcade fire and many more artists and producers.

Their home demo recordings have charted on BBC Radio (UK) and they’ve succeeded to place a song in a major indep endent film in London England which got showcased at Cannes Film Festival. Their upcoming debut album, Mind the gap comes out this year in 2012. WSM also maintains a fan base that spreads all over the world. Many music critics consider Weston Super Mare to be the breakout band of 2012. Phil Brydon from The Orange show UK has called them one of the most anticipated acts for 2012