West Texas Millionaires

West Texas Millionaires


West Texas Millionaires brings back the classic Americana sound blended with modern country that reflects back to Roy Orbison and the boys.


The West Texas Millionaires have entertained country music lovers everywhere from New York City to Los Angeles. Based in the South West, the boys travel in their steer horned, tail finned 1957 Cadillac, harking back to a time when working the road had glamour and style. Home is anywhere from Austin to Bakersfield. Rolling off a promotional Texas Tour that included playing famous Texas dance hall Luchenbach and doing some old fashioned live singing on the radio, the Band is back in Tombstone


Longhorns and Wildcaters

Set List

1. Heart of Mine
2. Back to Austin
3. Didnt Commit
4. Maybe You’re Right
5. West Texas Town
6. Highway Calling
7. Big Back Seat
8. Arizona
9. Hard Holding On.
10. The Cowboy Song