We Swim You Jump

We Swim You Jump


Elliot smith, Loney dear, The posies, Rogue Wave, indie pop with folk but uniquely characteristic


- June 2008, Richard and Niek had to make up a name quickly after they are asked to play their first shows in berlin (DE), hamburg (DE) and noorderzon (NL). Bas, Maarten and Bas were asked to join the band. we swim you jump was born.

-from september 2008, first shows in Berlin, Hamburg, on noorderzon, and with Slaraffenland(DK)

- December 2008, released their first homerecorded demos on Subroutine Records based in Groningen (NL) and interests of other in Japan, US,

- January 2009, showcases on Eurosonic festival 2009, EP made it in the KINKFM Selector, EP gets serious airplay on KINKFM.
In the annual Vera-club poll of 2008, We swim you jump was voted second place of the downtage concerts and first place as favorite band of Groningen!

- Future, in the making.


Sparks Fade Out

Written By: richard

Who’s acting dumb? Who’s gonna get it done
Won’t it ever be too long
Wish on a star, but there’s nothing here to start
We just slowly move apart
Gotta make a sound, before your love runs out
Endless waiting
Gotta bring it loud, I stand before the crowd
Endless waiting
Gotta make it there before the sparks fade out
Who turns on who in the first place
I met you waiting around to be caught
Now your eyes drifting off


- 5 Track EP, Dec 2008 (subroutine Records)


Set List

about 30 min, can max it out to 45min.

- Sharks
- Comfortable Place
- Angry Song
- Sparks Fade out
- Frames on the wall
- In&out of love
- 1234
- Andrea