Wet & Reckless

Wet & Reckless

 Los Angeles, California, USA

With a name like a top-shelf magazine and the heady/nostalgic effect of a top-shelf tipple, Wet & Reckless convey complex moods through deceptively deft, if technically simple, punk-lite. These Echo Park gals oddly evoke a lo-fi, less android Interpol with the chiming guitars and in-and-out dynamics of the gauzy "Your Song" and nervously urgent "Walk Me Home." Yet the more lived-in "Take" comes on a little country, with woody bass and swingy drums bouncing beneath savvy lyrics loaded with both b


Wet & Reckless formed last summer after a downsizing bloodbath left singer/guitarist Emily Wilder, bassist Jessica Gelt and drummer Deanna deVries to their own devices. With no clear goals beyond drinking too much coffee at Chango, the women realized that their only hope was doubling down on their Nancy Sinatra-meets-the-Ramones brand of saucy punkish pop. Please send all album title ideas to their Friendster page.
-August Brown, LA Times


"New Guy" Split 7" with Tracy Shedd, Fort Lowell Records, 2010