Wet Coma

Wet Coma


We are about real rock n roll. Heavily influenced by classic rock such as Led Zeppelin, AC DC, Black Sabbath, and Guns n Roses, but making music for the modern era.


Wet Coma is the musical culmination of great necessity reviving real rock and roll while harnessing the organic roots of music from the exalted kings of the stadium age. They use vulcanized live energetics to resurrect the cadaver of the American sound. Blistering guitar, swankily anchored bass lines, cataclysmic drums and lyrically taut shotgun vocals swirl the listener into the desired state of ecstatic bliss; a Wet Coma.

Set List

Song About Revenge
Make It To Midnight
Feel It
Mad As Hell
Going Down Now
Devil's Been Winning
I got Mine
Think it Through
La Va Paga

Typical set runs 40 minutes