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Luca Brasi, (in my opinion) one of New York City's best local bands, released a hard hitting, no holds-barred EP with Take Down The Lion. From the premiere track of the album, "Hit Me Harder", the guys get their listeners excited and enthusiastic about listening to the album.

Luca Brasi is, by no means, punk. They are undeniably a four-piece rock band, possibly even Alternative-Rock. A good portion of the vocal tracks on Take Down The Lion have an overlap of voices singing each word with spirit and energy. This works in well with the upbeat guitar riffs and the strong bass. Their lyrics are easy to identify with, and often say everything that one might hold in. For example, in "Hit Me Harder" the band screams "Why can't you just try to open up your eyes, and open up your heart to me (c'mon and hit me harder)." Each word is sung with such intensity that it gives inanimate sayings meaning.

The second track off of Take Down The Lion is a bit mellower than "Hit Me Harder", but still holds a good amount of intensity. The band end's the song with intimate messages and words of advice and encouragement. It is, by all means, spectacular, and a great break in energy. Following is the track entitled "Songbirds," arguably the band's most powerful song lyrically and musically. "Songbirds" will have you on your seat screaming the lyrics out loud...it is just simply that powerful. It sport's such lyrics as "This songs not for you but its about you. Never forget that you will never forget me because I did this to you." As we once learned from The Godfather, we now learn again; you do not mess with Luca Brasi.

The fourth track on the album, "Dont Make Me Walk" is nostalgia for the band and paints a picture for every listener. The song basically begs "Dont make me walk, and find my own way." After listening, you'll be humming this for hours. There is an utter rawness about the song that brings out every emotion. The band has the skill and talent to bring any listener courage and energy. Three quarters into the song the band gasps "I don't know how to feel or what to say." Words that, when related and entered into Luca Brasi's music, are stronger than anything this world holds.

The last track on the album, the catchiest (in my opinion), is "Yellow Is Not The New Orange." This song is a true anthem to everything Luca Brasi stands for, and literally combines three songs into one. The famous "And in nineteen-ninety-nine" line is quoted twice in the song, and is always the crowd's favorite line at live shows. Although the song has absolutely nothing to do with the colors yellow or orange, it is a refreshing anthem to everybody's life. "I'm being stepped on by the ones that moved on" is whispered towards the end of the song, leaving a feeling of being lost or alone. Luca Brasi complete their EP on an incredible note, and leaves the listener wanting more.

These guys are insane. Their live show experience is one like no other - the band's energy is worth the money alone. The EP was released on Tuxedo Park Records, which is, for the most part, a newer label. If Luca Brasi does not get national attention, then there is clearly something wrong with mainstream music. I personally absolutely love their EP, and always want to hear more of their music. They are an amazing band. And that basically sums it up.
forgetyesterdaydotcom - ForgetYesterday.com

"Take down the Lion CD Review"

Luca Brasi, a band that deserves attention, a good, very original band that blends the styles of New York City rock and roll and underground indie. I enjoyed this album a lot, I thought it brought a new style into music. Its hard to compare them to other bands, because of their unique style. It wasn't emo, it wasn't screamo, it wasn't hardcore. So what was it? You ask. I cant even tell you that.

The guitars were slow and catchy, nothing to complicated, vocals reminded me somewhat of Rooney. Bass didn't really stick out. Drums just seemed to go along with the music. The lyrics weren't exactly poetic, the way I like them, but I could deal without that. I had fun all throughout the 5 song EP.

Always the last question, To buy it or not. I say buy it. It can appeal to anyone. Its a very fun solid debut rock album. It was a pleasure listening to this cd and reviewing it. I believe it deserves this good review, so I gave it to them. Still I cannot label these guys with a genre though.

For Fans Of: The Strokes, Rooney, Hot Hot Heat

Standout Tracks:
"Love You Lovely"
"Yellow Is Not The New Orange"
"Hit Me Harder"
- AcclaimedPunk.net

"Billboard on Start the Hop"

"A really good power pop song has a nice groove, good job. The back-up vocals have a real Beach Boys vibe."
Billboard on "Start the Hop" - Billboard

"Forget Yesterday"

"If We The They does not gain mainstream attention, then there is something seriously wrong with music today."
www.forgetyesterday.com - www.forgetyesterday.com

"Acclaimed Punk"

"For Fans Of: The Strokes, Rooney, Hot Hot Heat",
www.acclaimedpunk.com - For Fans of..

"Music Critic"

"These four musicians blend catchy hooks and upbeat riffs beautifully to create a modern indie-surf sound that you cant help but listen --and dance-- to. Its their unique style that grabs your attention and soon enough youll find yourself addicted to the quartet that call themslves "WE THE THEY."
Fred Ilac (Music Critic)
- Fred Ilac

"Infused Webzine, UK"

"Beautifully summery in the USA style.The cross of surf riffs and angry beats blends catchy hooks with the rock out tendencies to form a subtle balance that can be hard to forget. We The They are a fantastic quartet one that breathes life into the current garage-New York scene; One not to miss either".

- Infused Webzine, UK

"Absolute Punk"

”A throwback to a time when rock music was something that was quirky and fun, and didn’t take itself too seriously; a time when rock wasn’t something that you could force yourself to dance to, but demanded that you dance to it".

Darren McLeod, Absolutepunk.net
- Absolute Punk

"Sound Riot"

"Even when the clouds are ripe with rainbabies this band brings sunshine into your ears. Within moments of listening to these New Yorkers, you will want to embrace them, fold them up and place them in the pocket nearest to your heart. Pop never tasted so good.
Caution: Listening to WTT in your car may lead to excessive car dancing and perpetual embarrassment."

Sarah - Sound Riot - www.sound-riot.com


"They said they hoped to get my toe tappin’, but little did I know they’d get the whole corpus twitching with pleasure"

- PowerPopulist


Visit www.wethethey.net
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Feeling a bit camera shy



They say that most great marriages begin in a bar. Well for WE THE THEY, this old tale holds true. We The They met through the NYC underground band circuit, cut some records, and immediately started shaking up the scene. The boys quickly put their chips together, bought a van, and hit the road with the change leftover in the van seats.

In 2005, after changing their name to WE THE THEY, they caught major A&R attention and began recording their album "This is What's Coming..."
The CD spread like wildflowers, reaching eyes and ears all over the world. This eventually led to steady appearances on happening bills at premiere venues along the east coast.

What resulted were top spot residencies, NYC magazine after parties, and an invitation to play the movie premiere party of Kiefer Sutherland’s Rockumentary,“I Trust You Not To Kill Me”.
The #1 selling instrumental group of all time even decided to make the band their flagship group for their Wilson Bros. Guitar line.

Vienna based SILUH Records kept up the good news by offering to release a vinyl 7 inch in January2007.
Kitty-Go booking continued the fun train by adding the group to their pop-riddled roster.

All of this will be followed by a three week international ass shake-athon tour this May.
Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Start The Hop!

Following this will be a new album.
One that will be sure to shake it up~

2007 will be a big year for WE THE THEY.

UPDATE! WeTheThey has struck an endorsement deal with WILSON BROS GUITARS! These are crafty ventures model geetars at a great price. They are designed by the #1 selling instumental group of all time...The Ventures! Woop Woop!www.wilsonguitarventures.com