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The House You Built

Written By: Joseph Weir

All the while I wondered
And asked her, "Where's your faith?"
I'm crawling on my knees to save our souls
While you pick holes
And say, without regret,
"The things you think about,
You shouldn't think about."

Now I'm old I'm angry
And suddenly, Where's my faith?
There was a time I couldn't breathe without belief
But now it's gone and I regret,
The things I think about
I cannot do without

Don't tell me how I live
Stand by the man you're with
You're going so slow love
I know what's next

And when lights start to wilt
Stand in the house you built
We're going so slow love
I know what's next

The Wait

Written By: Joseph Weir

I'll work for a living
She'll live for free
I'm saving all my money
So I can keep her happy

Well, it isn't my business but
Isn't it strange?
That you're always caught smiling
When he is away

I have no hidden talents
No masterplan
But if you just want forgiveness
Then I'll understand

I can't give you the moon love
Maybe he can
If you just need a lover
I'm your man

And I'll wait for you
I don't mind waiting for you