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Wet Nurse

Orlando, Florida, United States | INDIE

Orlando, Florida, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Pop


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Wet Nurse @ Junkyard Saloon

DeLeon Springs, Florida, USA

DeLeon Springs, Florida, USA

Wet Nurse @ Sandwich Bar

Orlando, Florida, USA

Orlando, Florida, USA

Wet Nurse @ Uncle Lou's

Orlando, Florida, USA

Orlando, Florida, USA



Orlando's Wet Nurse play fuzzy, raucous garage punk with a retro-pop vibe, a la Sleater-Kinney or the Dum Dum Girls or Wavves. Fronted by twins Nina and Susana Chaplin -- who go, on their Facebook page, make a point of trying to sidestep comparisons to Tegan and Sara -- and backed up by drummer Vanessa Brewster, the group has two albums available on Bandcamp -- a self-titled EP and a split 7" with the Lazy Boyzzz.
- tbt* Soundcheck

If a band wants to attract an audience, they need something that sets them apart; Wet Nurse has an abundance of somethings. They’re an all-female band. They play harmonic garage punk with a pop flavor. Wet Nurse also has a set of twins in the three-person lineup, and two of the band members are lesbian. Is that enough uniqueness for you? - Watermark

Wet Nurse from Orlando, FL was also on the bill and blew us all away. We were so stoked to go into a show not knowing anything about one of the bands and come out of it already humming the melodies to their songs. Those girls know how to write a punk song. - Daed Pizza NYC

A Google search for “Wet Nurse” yields some rather NSFW content, which makes sense because experiencing the band Wet Nurse‘s latest self-titled EP is a strangely enjoyable experience as well. The aesthetic apparently translates to the live setting as well and Nicole hit The Bricks on Ybor on Friday night to capture these shots of the Orlando, Fla, based trio playing a free show alongside local favorites Florida Night Heat. - Suburban Apologist / REAX Tampa

The ladies in Orlando band Wet Nurse must love the sound of its peppy garage rock. The trio stays in a groove with tight, short songs that could make the scrappy, power-pop leading ladies of Letters to Cleo or Best Coast perk up their ears. - Tallahassee Democrat

New band Wet Nurse featuring twin sisters Nina and Susana Chaplin were great playing a poppy set that reminded me of Go Sailor and Cub. They just may be my new favorite local band. - Kick Bright Zine

However, perhaps the most significant aspect of this bill is the surprise revelation it yielded in young local band Wet Nurse. The twin-fronted, all-girl garage-pop act is reasonably well formed for a new band and deals in snappy songs beaming with guts and charm. In fact, with their melodic craft and pleasing tones, they’re already showing the stuff it takes to be much more than just another willfully disheveled outfit. Loaded with potential, Wet Nurse is one of the most promising new bands I’ve seen in a while. - Orlando Weekly

For the premiere edition of “Band of the Week,” though, I decided it would be fun to kick off with two Bands of the Week (Band of the Weeks?), and since Wet Nurse just kicked my ass again last week filling in last-minute for another band at Will’s, well, they seemed as good a band as any to start this series with.

Wet Nurse isn’t the most polished rock ‘n’ roll trio in town, and that’s just fine; their raw take on girl-fronted garage pop is both bristly and sunshiny, and too much polish would end up weighing it down. - Orlando Music News

...Their raw underground sound is a force to be reckoned with. They are the love-child of Powder Puff Girls and Sex Pistols. The pure epitomy of what punk should be. If society was blasted in the face with this, instead of the generic shit coming out of Hollywood, the world would be a much prettier, happier place. I know they took me back to my happy place. I am not easily impressed, but they hit me. Hands down, check this band out. - Art Exurb of 407

Wet Nurse blew the place apart with their Bikini Kill style fem-punk rock. You can see their influences with every song, but there’s still originality, style, and loads of character. The twin sisters smile and scream through every song, dropping cute but cutting lines between tracks and shamelessly promoting their new tape, and at $3 it’s well worth it. A Wet Nurse show will change your mentality on the 407 and new music coming out in 2011. - Art Exurb of 407

...Also on the bill tonight is Orlando’s Wet Nurse, an all-girl trio whose sense of melodic structure, garage-y fun and attitude earned them a mention as one of the best new bands in this paper last year. Tonight’s quality lineup is yet another reason why free, local shows have blossomed of late. - Orlando Weekly

Wet Nurse can be said to be “catchy” and “quirky” and “rackety” and “loud” and “shimmy-shakin” and “a band that you want to see." - Ana(b)log Gainesville

In the punky tradition of The Slits, Wet Nurse uses its womanliness to generate a veritable doozy of a band name.

Comprised of twin sisters Nina and Susana Chaplin as well as drummer Vanessa Brewster, the band hails from Florida's Disney-tainted underbelly of Orlando. And with its moniker, there's no question whether the members of this garage punk trio have girl parts or not...
With lyrics like, "No one's around to give me a cigarette lighter!," these wild women lament the complex situations life has to offer with irreverence. Seriously, though, does anyone have a lighter? - Miami New Times

Wet Nurse plays the kind of three-chord, snotty punk that is best described as the fauna of garages across the United States. The name is fitting as well, seeing as the three ladies are often drenched in sweat at the end of one of their highly energetic sets... - Broward New Times

Lazy Boyzzz and Wet Nurse celebrated the release of their new 7-inch split, Wet N’ Lazy (Aug. 6, Hoops Tavern). The best part about this show: Five dollars got me both entry and a copy of the new vinyl twofer by a couple of Orlando’s best young bands.

As is becoming expected from them, both bands delivered. Wet Nurse is gaining momentum as the area’s best girl group... - Orlando Weekly

The Wet Nurse EP is the first release by the Orlando outfit of the same name, the six tracks raucous punchy garage pop with art-imitates-life lyrics like "Face down, face down, face down in the tub" (from "Wasted") and "No one’s around to give me a cigarette lighter, no one’s around to help me start this fire" ("Cigarette Lighter") delivered in the dual snotty femme vocals of frontwomen/twin sisters Nina and Susana Chaplin (on guitar and bass respectively). The trio's sound is rounded out by the fast-pounding backbeat of Vanessa Brewster. - Creative Loafing Tampa

Wet Nurse came on stage with the charisma and experience of a well seasoned act. For a trio that might be a year old, the cohesiveness is that of a band that’s been together for decades. “Brain Arcade” is a clear single for Wet Nurse, but the rest of their material holds up just as well recorded as live. They play to the crowd like professionals and it’s clear they deserve the press. - Art Exurb of 407

Wet Nurse is killing it lately. Their pop sensibilities are in full steam ahead mode. This new band has put out their debut cassette and are already have more recordings on the way. If the songs are any indication of what is to come- look out. Those girls are on fire. - Kick Bright Zine

Voted one of "Orlando's Best New Bands" by Bao Le-Huu, Orlando Weekly Music Columnist - Orlando Weekly


WMNF 88.5FM Tampa - GNC Live Sessions 1.4.12 (2012)
Wet Nurse / Lazy Boyzzz "Wet 'n Lazy" Split 7" Vinyl (2011)
Back to the Garage Compilation Volume 2 - "Such Is Life" (2011)
Harmonies for the Homeless Compilation - "Brain Arcade" (2011)
Wet Nurse EP (2011)



Hailing from the cultural wasteland often referred to as Central Florida, twin sisters Nina and Susana Chaplin decided in the fall of 2010 to pen poppy, poignant tunes about everything from drunken antics to cigarette lighters. Drummer Vanessa Brewster joined forces with the duo soon after to round out the rhythm section and the rest is history. The trio's raucous and energetic live show has shared stages with the likes of the Jacuzzi Boys, Heavy Cream, Thee Oh Sees and more and sent them rocketing across Florida on a two-week, Kickstarter-funded tour last summer. Never stopping to take a breath, they will be releasing a full-length vinyl LP in late 2012 on Italy's Astro Girl Records with a special cassette release to follow on Arizona's Protagonist Music. Stay tuned!