We Were Animals
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We Were Animals

Dayton, Ohio, United States

Dayton, Ohio, United States
Band Alternative


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"We Were Animals emerges from ashes of Ed vs. Radio"

Jason Gilmore (vocals, guitar) was holding court on the front porch of his East Dayton home on a recent Wednesday evening. He was flanked by Nigel Verboon (bass) and Mark Powell (drums), his bandmates in the new local indie act, We Were Animals, as they discussed the origins of their latest project.
We Were Animals will perform with Jasper the Colossal and Lurchbox at Color of Energy Gallery on Brown Street in the Oregon Historic District on Friday, May 20.
Verboon: “Me and Jason had our last Ed vs. Radio show at Blind Bob’s in September, and we started working on this in October.”
Gilmore: “We took a month away to figure out what everybody was going to do and then we started getting together and writing stuff. Shortly after, we found a drummer and then lost a drummer. Then we found Mark and he’s been with us for about four months now. It’s been a lot of work, but we wanted to come out and have our sound pretty much how we want it to be instead of rushing into it and trying to get five songs together.”
Verboon: “Our first show was at Taffy’s in Eaton on March 25.”
Gilmore: “Our first show in Dayton was at Blind Bob’s with The Seedy Seeds and Todd the Fox. We had quite a turnout also and that made us feel a lot better.”
Powell: “It was pretty challenging playing with these guys at first because I come from an extreme metal background, and I’m used to playing insanely fast. To slow down and actually play as a drummer and not a guy doing multiple things was a bit of a change, but I enjoy it immensely.”
Verboon: “When Ed vs. Radio ended, we agreed we wanted to do something a little bit harder. We played around with that for a while and we were like, ‘Well, let’s do something else.’ That’s when we started writing some of the songs we have now.”
Gilmore: “We all wanted to do something different. Ed vs. Radio and even the other bands we’ve been in were mostly like pop-rock type stuff. I guess I was just getting tired of playing stuff that’s mainly guitar-driven. We wanted to do something where everybody has their input into it and the guitar is just an overlay of what the drums and bass are doing. The songs we’re doing now are simple, but with those two filling out the rhythm they don’t sound as simple as they actually are.” - Dayton Daily News GO! Section - Written by Don Thrasher


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We Were Animals formed late 2010. Formed by veterans of the Dayton, Ohio music scene, they longed to do something a bit different then the rest.

Wanting to shy away from his guitar driven past, singer/guitarist Jay Gilz (Ed vs. Radio) teamed up with his former Ed vs. Radio bassist Nigel Verboon, and added the drumming style of Mark Powell (I Died Trying). The result was an almost ambient, floating guitar style over top of a driving, tumultuous bass and drum section.

Although the three came from different musical backgrounds, they have formed a sound that is familiar, yet different.