we were born as ghosts

we were born as ghosts

BandRockNew Age

I would describe our music as a bell curve of emotions. We’ll bring you up as high as we can, then set you right back down nice and gently.


Look beyond the dim lights of Albuquerque, NM and tune your ears into the stellar stations that lay over the glowing heights, and somewhere in-between the streets and the blinking twilight above, there is an energy that can be tapped. This is where We Were Born as Ghosts has drawn their inspiration. They present themselves as a collective of artists performing their works to the willing. Tied together by a communal approach at songwriting, they aim to produce songs that take listeners on a dramatic journey.


winter EP

brightly, brightly, and with beauty EP 32min

Set List

Our set list seems short but our songs are long.

This Link Between
Maculate origin
This Winter
Happy Destiny
How to Have Fun on Your Deathbed

This set would last 45 minutes

We don’t do covers