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We Were Sharks

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Pop Punk




"ALBUM REVIEW: We Were Sharks makes old material fresh, lacks new material on ‘Highways’"

When it comes to easycore, there are two major strains: bands that use synth and bands that don’t.

This didn’t happen out of the blue. The inclusion of synthesizers in easycore music was around during the early years of the genre’s popularity with bands like Four Year Strong and The Wonder Years. While it’s odd that bright and fuzzy synth lines work so well in a genre that also takes influences from metalcore, it definitely fits the format when used.

One of the bands from Canada that falls into the “uses synth” category is the Ottowa-based group We Were Sharks. The band, previously known as Sharks! (get the name change?), already has two EP’s under their belt, but “Highways” is their first full-length release. What is to be expected from this debut full-length?

For starters, the majority of the content on “Highways” comes from their past releases. All the tracks off the Holy Rip! EP and Three For Free EP appear on the full-length with the exception of Holy Rip! EP’s Ke$ha cover. However, these are not direct inserts; each song has been re-recorded.

While the production of the original EPs were already great, “Highways” goes above and beyond. The crispness of the starting track “Welcome to the Show” is phenomenal, leaving a striking aural imprint as the song rings on, and the intro breakdown to “Glory Days” is just like how Sir Mix-A-Lot likes his butts: real, thick and juicy. It’s apparent that new life has been breathed into these older tracks.

With older songs taking up so much of the track list, there are only three originals to fill in the gaps. However, each of these three are completely on par with how We Were Sharks sounds. “A Summer on Elm Street,” “Stay Outta Riverdale (feat. Jon Desilva)” and “Highways (Over The Top)” all make for perfect additions.

The actual content is fantastic, especially with some of the additions to the older songs. Switching between guitar-laden riffs and buzzing synth lines, the sounds are attention grabbing, for sure. The insane hook in “The Blackout Anthem” stands tall with how catchy it is, and the synth line in “Keep Your Head Up Kid” is instantly iconic. Also “Go West, Young Man” gets some new writing with a big booming climax at the end of it, no longer making it the somewhat-weak acoustic ballad it used to be.

Singer Randy Frobel sounds confident in the recordings, allowing the production value to showcase the finer sides of his voice. While he spends most of the time trying to match the aggression in the music occasionally (like in “When Push Comes To Shove”), you can see the softer side of his singing.

The only knock against “Highways” is that it seriously could have used some newer content, but not to the point where older songs shouldn’t have made the cut. With the combination of old and new, “Highways” is a full-length We Were Sharks should be proud of.

4.5 out of 5 stars
Genre: Easycore - Central Michigan Life

"All Press"

“We Were Sharks hits you with everything you wanna hear in a pop-punk band... it smacks you head on with delicious music. Yes, delicious.” -Fuck Yeah Pop-Punk

“I can’t imagine anyone not liking them” – Mixtape Sessions CHUO

“We Were Sharks’ debut album Highways is full of youthful summer anthems that are guaranteed to put you in a good mood. Within seconds you’ll be singing along to every heartfelt song” - PopPunksNotDead.net

“With the combination of old and new, “Highways” is a full-length We Were Sharks should be proud of. 4.5 out of 5 stars” - Jay Gary CM-life.com

“Really, really fun live” – Tabitha Groves CHUO

“Sharks! Holy Rip EP lives up to its name and tears it up for five songs.” – UnsignedFind.com

“The intro breakdown to “Glory Days” is just like how Sir Mix-A-Lot likes his butts: real, thick and juicy.” - Jay Gary CM-life.com

“Sharks! implore you to sing along and throw your hands in the air with their poppy, hardcore-influenced tunes.” - UnsignedFind.com

“After listening to the chorus once, I found myself already singing along- wrapped up in their infectious lyrics.” - Lindsay May 98.9 The DRIVE (Kingston)

“This band made my #1 EP of 2010” Fuck Yeah Pop-Punk

“’Glory Days’ might not be the Bruce Springsteen song of the same name, but has the heart and soul to match chord for chord. The instrumentation is enthusiastic and air-guitar inducing, and the vocals are top-notch” - UnsignedFind.com

“We Were Sharks are a band to be on the lookout for, one of the brightest spots in the ever growing Ontario Pop Punk scene” – PopPunksNotDead.net

“The insane hook in 'The Blackout Anthem' stands tall with how catchy it is, and the synth line in 'Keep Your Head Up Kid' is instantly iconic. - Jay Gary CM-life.com

“Within their lyrics and breakdowns, you hear echoes of bands like Blink, Sum 41 and New Found Glory - all stitched together to create the perfect fusion of Pop-Punk” - Lindsay May 98.9 The DRIVE (Kingston) - Various


Holy Rip! EP - Released July 1, 2010

Three For Free EP - Released February 1, 2011

Highways LP - Released Jan 27th 2012

Super Sweet Summer Sampler [In Stereo] - Released August 8, 2013



Hailing from Canada's capital city, We Were Sharks is a 5 piece pop-punk powerhouse poised to take the world by storm. Drawing influence from pop-punk bands of yesteryear and combining it with todays more polished and aggressive sound, this band has what it takes to infect your iPod, and have you singing along for years to come.

Starting as nothing more than a side project for guitarist Terrence McAuley and drummer Will Plummer as an excuse to drink beer, smoke cigarettes and play some sweet pop-punk, We Were Sharks has come a long way. With the addition of Randy Frobel on main vocal duties, Jason Mooney on guitars, and Kaleb Blake on bass respectively, this well-rounded lineup is no stranger to the tour van. After rising from the ashes of previous bands, We Were Sharks have the know-how and resources to hit the road full tilt and never look back.

Armed with 2 self-recorded and produced 5 track, and 3 track EP's entitled Holy Rip, and "Three for Free!", as well as a 10 track full length album titled "Highways", and a recently released 3 track sampler titled Super Sweet Summer Sampler [In Stereo], We Were Sharks have every intention of getting their music to the fan every way possible. Whether it be countless nights spent in the van, late night college radio shows, or just giving away CD's to anyone who will listen, this band embraces hard work and the rewards that come from it.

Coming out of the basement firing on all cylinders, We Were Sharks is steamrolling ahead with the plan to party, high-five and steal the hearts of fans across Canada and the world!

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