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We Were Wolves

Beaumont, Texas, United States | SELF

Beaumont, Texas, United States | SELF
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"We Were Wolves - Lamar University Press"

In the early spring of 2008,four guys came together
to form a band to"play their music loud for everybody,"
according to their MySpace profile.Drew Haught, Jake
Hooker,Daniel Harris and Zachary Elizondo call themselves We Were Wolves,
and on Dec. 13 they will share
their sound with the release of their first album,"Yeah,
The band say their inspiration comes from music
icons like Keith Richards,Frank Zappa,Pepper Keenan,
Ginger Baker,Lemmy
Kilmister, Bob Dylan
and Jesse "the Devil"
Hughes. I was able to
get my hands on a
copy of the indie
band's album literally
straight from their
recording studio. All
members of the band have something special to bring to
the table
The album starts off with the raw track "Saltminer,"
with frontman Haught belting out his lyrics while playing
rhythm guitar.Bassist Hooker takes over on lead vocals
for the songs "She Loves It" and "Dripping
Extreme," his rugged voice mixed with smooth bass
lines.Then it's all about drummer Elizondo as he picks
ups the pace with his furious percussion on"Holy Hell."
Of course,what would a band be with an awesome
guitarist?That's where Harris comes in.He shreds it up
on the track,"(I Know)You Think I'm an A**hole."
The band has a unique resonance with a garage style
sound mixing grunge and punk rock.The Wolves
compose and write all the songs on this self-produced
If you recognize some of their names, it's probably
because you've heard them around town with other
bands. Elizondo is a member of the of the rock band
Among the Last, Hooker is a member of the
surf/rock/jam band Molly Maguires, and Haught and
Harris are part of the indie group Bullets on Broadway.
Usually I'm not a big supporter of local bands (sorry
guys!), but after listening to the "Wolves" I have
changed my attitude. I will be one of the first people to
buy "Yeah, Mammoth," and look forward to more albums
from the group in the future
We Were Wolves will host a CD release party on
Dec. 13 at The Vortex on 11th Street in Beaumont.
Cover is $5. The even is scheduled to start at 9 p.m.
Other local bands on the bill include The Amorist,
Cousin Phelpy and Sour Mash.
Hear a preview of what the Wolves sound like
when they perform live in the KBTV-4 studio in Parkdale
Mall on the 5 p.m. show.
For more information, check out the band's Web
site at www.myspace.com/wewerewolvestx. - University Press

"We Were Wolves - Yeah, Mammoth review by Punk Rock Theory"

Hailng from Texas, We Were Wolves is a young, new band that likes to rock. I know that because I heard them do it on their debut album “Yeah, Mammoth”. Listening to this disc, I’m also fairly sure these guys dig Josh Homme and Jesse Hughes. They might not have the tongue-in-cheek lyrics that Eagles Of Death Metal are known for but these dudes have a sturdy rhythm section, some solid riffs and a vocalist with a deep howl. And that’s pretty much all you need to write a decent album. Give these dudes a little more time to gain some more experience points and these Wolves will sound just as fun as Hughes (even if he’ll always have the coolest moustache).

http://punkrocktheoryzine.blogspot.com/2009/04/we-were-wolves-yeah-mammoth.html - punkrocktheoryzine.blogspot.com

"We Were Wolves - Yeah, Mammoth review by Razorcake.org"

Imagine a not-as-catchy Foo Fighters, with less emphasis on the poppier influences and more on the traditional rock influences. Take that as you will.
–Jimmy Alvarado (myspace.com/wewerewolvestx)

http://www.razorcake.org/record-reviews/we-were-wolves-yeah-mammoth - razorcake.org

"We Were Wolves - Yeah, Mammoth review by Evilneedles.blogspot.com"

Here's a rare little treasure for fans of punk infused metal with deep, strong vocals. The best way to describe this band's sound is to say they sound like Danzig circa 1988 with a good layer of the Misfits' crust. This album makes use of some very strong melodies that feel very intense without being too serious. The constructions are almost playful, and, had they not been paired up with such monolithic vocals, could have given way to pure jocularity. Lyrically, We Were Wolves are their own band as they do not come off as a campy horrorpunk band; and are in no way a Misfits tribute or rip-off band. The songs on Yeah, Mammoth are chunky with some nice drawn-out howls and even a couple blues-y guitar solos. Personally I like the rawness of this CD and hope they will continue with it on their next disc.

http://evilneedles.blogspot.com/2009_02_01_archive.html - evilneedles.blogspot.com

"We Were Wolves - Cut The Cord (Article)"

We Were Wolves - Cut The Cord (Article)
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Yeah, Mammoth (2008)

We Were Wolves/Cousin Phelpy Split 12" (2009)

Lost At Sea (2011)



"We Wolves Wolves are a LOUD rock band from the 70s...er, Beaumont, Texas. They would fit seamlessly on the silver FFF stage next to Danzig."
- Joe Deshotel, Press release for CCC Fest (ATX) (Oct 26, 2011)

"Their live shows have always been incredible displays of powerful rock ’n’ roll that fill the room with a rich, pulsing energy, but now they’ve got a recording that really shows their evolution as not just a loud underground Texas rock band but, four talented career musicians"
- Beth Rankin, Cat 5 (Jul 14, 2011)

"Over the past three years, We Were Wolves has solidified their reputation as one of the, if not the, premier live bands in the Golden Triangle."
- Michael Molina, LOBA Magazine (Nov 01, 2010)

"They were, hands down, the best/coolest band I've seen since moving back to town in 1999. Damn these dudes rocked the Stafford like it hadn't been rock since the old days when Fugazi and The Jesus Lizard used to play there."
- www.979represent.com , Stafford Review (Oct 18, 0008)

"We Were Wolves play music made for the bar. If that bar is situated on the corner of Dante Avenue and Lucifer Drive in Hell's meatpacking district. The music is loud, vulgar, and yet, somehow, done with an artful tact."
- Michael Molina, LOBA Magazine (Nov 01, 2010)