We are "Nerdcore/Thrash Punk" for those who are pushed around. We are socially challenged, yet musically inclined.


WFTN is a Punk/Metal quartet centrally located in Chicago, Illinois. What we play is still classified as "music," which is what sets us apart from many bands in our genre. We are synchronized, musically and vocally.
Officially, WFTN formed in the fall of 2004; we are descendants of some local punk and metal bands that have been around, but for some reason or another, have died off. Singer/guitarist Paul Van Cleave, and guitarist Mike Praser both were members of a de-evolved version of WFTN in which a few songs have been carried over. These older songs were reviewed by the Illinois Entertainer, with comments such as, the songs are "marked with expert solos that will knock your earmuffs off," and their sound is "fast and sweet like the Ramones."

WFTN has played many Chicago venues such as: The Studio (Rose Red Productions), Silvieā€™s Lounge (Rose Red Productions), The Mutiny, Phyliss' Musical Inn, Bar Vertigo, and Magoo's Underground Lounge, The Note, and The Brauer House.


My Beliefs

Written By: Paul Van Cleave

I believe in the absense of democracy I believe that life is beyond policies, but who cares what I really think as the world gets rid of me and rid of my beliefs. I believe that anarchy will never work, but in a way does that define the word, but who cares what I really think as the world gets rid of me and rid of my beliefs. Who Cares.


Written By: Paul Van Cleave

Let's all pay homage
to a cold beverage
it's changed the course of time
it's kept Europe alive
some prefer it black and
some prefere it gold but
no matter what the brew
it always tastes best cold

bring another round
as my friends and I fall down

Yeah without a doubt
we're drinking till we all pass out

and when the sun comes out to play, we'll save our mugs for another day


WFTN "self titled"
Recorded April 20th 2005
@ In The Bag Recording Studio

Set List

Our set lists contain all original material, which usually lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour.