Whale Vs. Elephant

Whale Vs. Elephant

 Berlin, Berlin, DEU

Mix of electronic and acoustic music mostly melancolic but also danceable beats and melodies, with chillout- and techno-elements.


A techno DJ, a background singer in an orchestra, an acoustic folk singer/songwriter and others have been part of the music project Whale Vs. Elephant, started by Tobias Braun, a guy growed up in the south west of germany, in the year 2007.
They helped to develop his acoustic singer/songwriter project, into a mix of electronic- and acousticmusic which flows now freely between the Icelandic and German music scenes (as Tobias lived in Iceland for a while) among other influences.
And as many influences crated this music, as many instruments like Keyboard, Guitar, Glockenspiel, Omnichord and strong electronic elements by PC will be used in their live shows.

We use Sonicbids right now, a.o. to applay for Airwaves-Festival. Since we saw it 3 years bevore, and at least since we played two shows in the off-venue last year, enjoying the nice atmosphere and good feedback from the icelandic audience , we're dreaming about playing on the real festival.