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My music is unique, explosive and exciting all in one. My music is positive and uplifting to anyone that hears it. It's healing and idenity is good for the soul.


Well,I been blessed with the gift to relate to people all around the world.TO BE BLUNT I HAVE A TESTIMONY.I dont have a band. All my music is tracked out with beat machines.My influences is the love for people that "GOD" has put in inside of me.I came from the street for real,from jail to the weed hole,to the dope hole,to girls,stealling,gun caring,clubin,etc.One day i was sitting in my car rolling up one of them tators.Then heard a voice clear as day telling me to put the blunt down.I did.Then next i was lead to the bath room were I stood in the mirror and listen to the voice that spoke loudly in my ear.He simply said look at what you doing to yourself.I cried for hours.Then I put my hands up and said the best thing I had ever said.Lord I surrender,and I haven't be the same since.Sept99


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It's changes by the croud.What ever the LORD what the people to hear.