Kristin Cotts and What About Rosalind

Kristin Cotts and What About Rosalind


Kristin Cotts of the band What About Rosalind is a singer/songwriter with an alt-folk sound that is at turns graceful, edgy, and whimsical. With a soulful delivery, unpredictable lyrics, and beautiful melodies, Kristin Cotts reaches and captivates listeners live and through her CD Spatial Relations.


Kristin Cotts has been writing songs since the age of nine. Originally from the Chicago area, Kristin has lived in such disparate places as North Dakota and France, with stops in Minnesota and Michigan along the way. She is a long distance runner, loves playing in large bodies of water, and has a knack for languages and a passion for learning. She writes songs when she feels like it, which is pretty often, and has spent a lot of hours alone taking her guitar playing in its own choppy direction.

In 2006, she released Spatial Relations, a twelve song CD, which has been praised for its originality, variety, whimsy, and beauty. Joining her on the CD are members of her band What About Rosalind, including Steve Schuster (co-producer and multi-instrumentalist), Jackie Aicher (flute), Liza Villarreal (violin/viola), and Joe Yost (sax).


Spatial Relations released under the name Kristin Cotts is streaming at You can also get to it by clicking on the music page of our website,

Set List

We can play for up to three hours. Here is a sample set list.
1. Frog Catching Queen
2. You Are My Day
3. Trouble
4. Far, Far Away
5. Feed Me to the Sea
6. One Friend Named Kenny
7. Thing Called Beauty
8. Every Five Minutes
9. Take a Little Break
10. Just Lay it Down and Go
11. Brush Strokes
12. Tool