What About Will

What About Will


What About Will plays all original music. We love being together and playing whenever we can. We take what we do very seriously. We also have no trouble livening up a crowd and getting everyone to shout and dance.


When we play, the music is the most important thing. We love creating new beats and pushing the limits of what we can do musically. Being with each other is always a blast. We love Queen, Van Halen, Journey and we like to think that's what influences us but basically everything we hear can be counted as an influence.

We formed in the winter of 2006, but the lineup now is definitely the best it has ever been. Jake Harris and Michael Bazzinotti, a songwriting power duo bust out a range of melodies from bliss to grit. The music we write all means something to us and the feeling and emotion we put into every song is what we want our audiences to hear and understand.

We just finished recording the demo for our full length album "The Band Before Time"

We have close relations with Anderson Mar of Dark Sky Productions, a great booking agency, as well as Joe Pessia of the band Tantric.


Outta Luck

Written By: Jake Harris

They say I’m crazy
But it’s them who have gone mad
Burnin up in rings of fire
Losing friends I’ve never had
Fallin from the lowest low I
Just can’t seem to get a grip
Maybe I am just a little bit crazy,
Oh nobody knows

CHORUS: Hearin thunder call my name
Im the first one to get struck
Oh, you no its time like these I’m feelin
I’m outta’ luck
I’m outta’ luck

Well I never thought I’d ever get a break
Majesty is fine with me cause
I’m a peasant who works for no wage
Hit me I won’t crumble
I’m rocking solid stone
Check me out cause Ill be the guy
I’ll be that guy standing alone


Maybe Then

Written By: Jake Harris

She told him that she’s got some thinkin’ to do,
But she doesn’t know that he’s been thinking about her too.
She cries to him she’s thinkin’ nobody cares,
But he bites his tongue because he’s just not ready to share

But baby don’t you cry
Someday I know you’ll be alright
Oooooo Maybe then you’ll see,
Maybe then you wont need me but,
I might just stay for you,
Life’s a bitch and we all know it’s true
(SOLO 1)

She couldn’t find a break and she didn’t know why
He swallowed his words; he was not ready to give it a try,
He’d always tell her he had something to say
But every time his words would all just drift away


He never told her what was on his mind
Never brought it up again, just left it all behind…

He gave up because he thought his chance was slim
Never told what she was thinking and it might’ve been him,
But now he sits alone, wondering what could’ve been
I guess you can’t always win


Cloud Hopper

Written By: Jake Harris

Going for the jump,
He makes it again
A cloud hopping ride
That never will end
But there is one thing
That he does not know
Cause he gave up his life
A long time ago

Cloud hopper
Won’t you die,
Cloud hopper
You’ll be falling from the sky
And they’ll be nowhere to run
When you see the sun

A shadow to people,
A stranger in crowds,
Just spends his days,
Hopping clouds
When he falls too hard,
A raindrop or two,
But he never comes close
To breaking through



Written By: Jake Harris

Let me tell ya
Bout a man that I once knew
Kindest as they come
His heart was pure and true
Hot shots!
Can’t stop soakin up the fame
Won’t remember the better things
And I think that’s a shame

He’s in a better place now
It aint heaven but it’s damn close
Give me that second dose

Cause he was a good man
A prophet of his days
Compensation not his thing
He helped all anyways

Riff raff
Trying so hard to be the supreme
Everything ventured and nothing gained
At least you still can dream


Shameful Beast

Written By: Jake Harris

Out in the wild with the plants and the dirt,
Leaving a trail of animals hurt,
A fierce little beast, a devilish stare,
Feared in jungles everywhere,

Where the creatures play,
Is filled with fear and pain,
If you have no important things to say,
I’ll stop listening I’ll just be on my way

To speak of the beast made neck hairs stand
Feared more than a poacher with a gun in his hand
Hunting for pleasure, no better than man
This pillar of a killer wasn’t anyone’s fan


And now prepare for the ultimate feast,
From the very blood of that shameful beast


The Band Before Time Ep

Set List

Outta luck
A Night To Remember
Shameful Beast
Cloud Hopper
Maybe Then
It's A Long Journey
Desperate Measures
Too Far

Covers we might just throw in:
Jessica: The Allman Brothers Band
Frankenstein: Edgar Winter
Hotel California: The Eagles
Comfartably Numb: Pink Floyd
Panama: Van Halen
Heat of the Moment: Asia
Lights: Journey
Get The Funk Out: Extreme