What Army

What Army

 Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA

We are at the center point between rock, punk, and metal. What Army is something new and unusual, but instantly likeable.


We are a 3-piece hard rock combo, with heavy female vocals resembling Paramour or Flyleaf. Influences include My Chemical Romance, System of a Down, Primus, Iron Maiden. The vision for the band is: What if the 90's grunge movement had never happened, but instead 80's metal/rock had continued developing & growing. What would that sound like today? That sound is our goal.



Written By: Fury

Slide the bullet in and spin the chamber
Plot the downfall of our own ambition
Is it fate or is it human nature?
Curse of prophecy is no one listens

Pre-Chorus: Everything we build we break, we never learn from our mistakes.
Fight our battles in the name of peace
Hate each other in the name of god
Build a prison in the name of freedom
Kill each other in the name of love

Repeat all the failures of our history
Light the fuse and watch the tree of knowledge burn
Tried and sentenced for the sins of eden’s fall
No one ever listens, no one ever learns


Bridge: We surrender to the torture
As our past defines our future
Are we slaves to our own culture?
Are we prisoners of our nature?

Sir Yes Sir

Written By: Fury

Sir Yes Sir:

They keep us hungry
They keep us sick
They keep us sucking the
Government’s dick
Minimum wage is the
New slavery in the
Home of the homeless
Land of the free
They keep us dumb
And they keep us poor
Lady liberty is their whore
They fuck us over
Without a fight, then
Wipe their dick on the
Bill of rights

Chorus (Repeat x2)
Tell you to jump, you better get higher
Tell you to move, I want this room on fire
Tell you to scream, let me hear your words
I tell you to rock, you tell me sir yes sir

They build a prison
Inside our brains
They make us grateful
For our chains
They push and shove us
Until we break
They want us to pay for
Their mistakes but
That’s not the world that
We wanna live in so
This is the world that
We’re gonna make
They say you and what army?
I say this means war
And this is my weapon
This is my guitar


And if words were bullets, I’d never miss
But seeing’s believing, hold my beer and watch this
Strap on your weapons, we’re going to war
Cause the axe is mightier than the sword
They tell you to sit down, shut up and be quiet
You stand up, speak up, set off a riot
In this band’s army we vote with our fists
And you all just got drafted- now get in the pit


What Army LP (self-titled) released 2009

Babydoll Suicide LP, released 2010

Where The Skeletons Are, released 2011

Tracks "River","Black House Anthem" and "Sir Yes Sir" are in airplay on 104.9 The X local radio and KXUA Student Radio in Fayetteville, AR and 88.3 Little Rock, AR.

Various tracks off both LP's streaming at www.myspace.com/whatarmyband and playing on C.A.T. COX Cable Channel 218 in Fayetteville, AR

Set List

Typical Set List: (45 minutes)
1- What Army Theme song (instrumental)
2 - Sir Yes Sir
3- Road God
4- Rubber War Pony
6-You Are here
7- Phoenix
8- Deliverance
9 - Never Until Now
10 - Heretic
11 - Tesseract
12 - What Army Theme (instrumental outro)

What Army has 30+ original songs, and can do a 3-hour set. If they must do more than 2 hours, they will take two ten-minute breaks during the set.

House Of The Rising Sun (traditional)
I Want to Rock n' Roll all Night - KISS
God Thinks - Voltaire (recorded & released by permission)
Womanizer- Britney Spears
Countess Bathory - Venom
The Time Warp - from Rocky Horror Picture Show

What Army rotates a selection of covers into our set now and again, based on what new interpretation we could bring to the song. We like to take a song that our typical alt/metal/rock crowd wouldn't normally like, and create an arrangement that they find themselves enjoying after all (Think the metal band Crowbar covering th