Whatever Happened To The Dinosaurs?

Whatever Happened To The Dinosaurs?


This band seldom brings to mind images of sunsets and golden beaches, but rather an ominous collection of memories you’ve endeavored to forget.


Seeded in the sands of Miami, this band seldom brings to mind images of sunsets and golden beaches, but rather an ominous collection of memories you’ve endeavored to forget. “Nostalgia, or love for people you’ve never met, or friends you don’t have… is something I’ve tried to write about since my first band, but it never really worked out till now,” remarks lead singer for the Dinos.

Joining forces in 2005 with then-freelance drummer José Ortez and whiz-kid composer Daniella Bertoldi to create such haunting sonatas from “Le lendemain” to “Debris from the Crash,” to the self-effacing “A Year Spent in Love, Another on the Floor” (a collaborative piece featuring vocals, acoustic guitar and a heart-melting trumpet melody as its only components). With lyrics like “coke-lines draw long nights” or “…while you slam doors, I’ll drink myself to death” you would think singer/songwriter Joey Borroto might’ve been that boy you threw-up on, or passed out with at some college party years back. But in reality the lyrics are meant to inspire truth, “Even if the truth is you don’t know anything,” blurts Borroto.

Adorning the stage with only a drum set, acoustic guitar, the electric guitar played by Javier Padron, (a vibrant performer and the group’s most recent addition to its cast of already intense characters) and a single keyboard in which Daniella skillfully produces both melody as well as bass, cleverly assigning one to each hand. Sweating out song after song, each with its own inspired identity and memorable orchestrations, their live set is quickly becoming the ensembles key facet.

As for the band name, “Whatever Happened To The Dinosaurs?” was contrived during a conversation between the original members on what questions God would love to answer. Sincere questions vs. desperate answers was the dawning concept that spawned the Dino’s first series of songs and continues to be the underlining motivation for future material.

“’Failure To Communicate’ by Whatever Happened To The Dinosaurs?”, intending to be the title for the anticipated debut record, features a collection of songs mostly written in a backyard shed their first week together. Excusing sleep for nightly rehearsals, and surviving off coffee, faith and the unpolluted excitements of new friendship, hence the reoccurring themes and imagery unveiled throughout the ideal record of longing, boredom, insomnia and malnourishment.

Whilst making ends meet, the guys and gal of Whatever Happened To The Dinosaurs? are currently focusing efforts on finding label support, financing a debut album and tending to a budding fan base. Planting seeds in every show. Amen!


Our song "Debris From The Crash" was aired on 91.7 fm The Call.

Our song "Talk to Strangers" was aired on Fox World Sports Channel.

Demo record release: "Whatever Happened To The Dinosaurs? Live At The Wallflower Gallery"

Set List

5 - 7 song set is typical for us.

25 - 35 minutes depending on the show.

Our songs are variable but typically consists of:
-Debris From The Crash
-Broken Dawn
-Talk To Strangers
-Living In A Vacuum
-Delphiniums Lament
-December As It Decends
-Le Lendemain
-Trap Doors
-Wake Me Up Before You Leave