What is INDIE?

What is INDIE?


"What is INDIE?" is a documentary film that tries to determine just what being an 'indie' artist really means, and serves as a rallying cry which has been hailed as ‘inspiring’ and ‘empowering’ by artists worldwide.



"It BLEW ME AWAY. It really made me proud to be a part of this movement, this groundswell that’s taking hold of the business."

-Panos Panay (Founder, Sonicbids)


- Top Indie Release of 2006 (Indie-Music.com)

- Nominated: Best Feature Length Video (Just Plain Folks Music Awards)

- Nominated: Gina Kaz "We Can Take Care of Each" and Andrea Revel "Citysong" BOTH Nominated for "Best Song Used in Film/TV" (Independent Music Awards) *Songs included in this EPK.


About the Film:

At a time when independent artists in the music industry have more power and control over their careers than ever before, "What is INDIE?" tries to determine just what it really means to be 'indie'.

The film features interviews with indie music experts including Panos Panay (Founder of Sonicbids), Derek Sivers (Founder of CD Baby) and Suzanne Glass (Founder of Indie-Music.com), as well as with 20 artists including Penny Lang, Ember Swift and Paul Cargnello.

In defining what it means to be ’indie’, as well as looking at the changing landscape in the music industry, the film ends up being a rallying cry for indie artists, and has been hailed as ‘inspiring’ and ‘empowering’ by artists worldwide.


A True Indie Success Story:

Without any prior background in film (except for watching Super-Size Me "way too many times") and funded entirely with his own credit cards, Montreal director Dave Cool has taken the film from a small do-it-yourself project and turned it into an indie success story in its own right that continues to turn heads in the music and film industries, even catching the attention of CNN.com, Newsweek Magazine and Canada's National Film Board.


2006: What is INDIE? DVD/CD Package (Stand Alone Records)


National Film Board of Canada (Canada)
Film Baby (USA & International)
B-side Entertainment (USA & International)
Midwest Tape (USA)
LOCAL Distribution (Quebec)
iThèque (France)

Set List

- What is INDIE? Film: Approx. 50 min.

- Q & A w/Director Dave Cool (10-15 min.)

- Extended Q & A/Panel Discussion also possible: 30-60 min.