What Lies Within

What Lies Within

 Lakefield, Minnesota, USA

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1. What Lies Within - Released in December 2007
5 tracks:Beneath the Skin, Words, C4, Transform, Worthless
*Beneath the Skin single released August 1 2010 on InterscopeDigitalDistribution/TuneCore
* Album is played on Q102.1FM SpiritLake Iowa
*103.7FM KRRO Sioux Falls, SD
*95.7FM The Blaze
2. Slave to the Negative - Released in January 2009
6 tracks:Temptation Feeds, My Winter, The Walk, Pt. II, To Its End, Jordan's Prayer
*Album released March 21 2010 on InterscopeDigitalDistribution/TuneCore
* My Winter featured on 95.7FM The Blaze Mankato, MN on Loud n Local
*103.7FM KRRO Sioux Falls SD
3. ( In creation/recording now)