What Moves

What Moves

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Music moves us. What Moves You?


Dear Listener

First off, let's leave the word "genre" at the door. It's not that we think we're above being put into a category, but rather that we'd like you to decide what you think this music is. In other words; we trying to sound like ourselves.
We believe that music heals. What Moves is a band with passion and we are on a mission. The mission: To reach down to the depths of your soul, give you chills, and make you feel alright. Lean on our sound or take flight with it. We play it for you. Music moves us. What moves you?

Most sincerely and with much love,

What Moves

Milwaukee Venues such as Club Garibaldi, The Cactus Club, Frank's Power Plant, Linneman's, Crisp, and The Up & Under have all been thoroughly rocked by What Moves

Influences: All music and self-expression..... More specifically, performers and bands such as: Al Green, Allman Brothers Band, Aphex Twin, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Ben Folds, Big Gigantic, Chick Corea, Company of Theives, Cosmic Railroad, CSNY,Daft Punk, David Bowie, Death Cab for Cutie, Derek Trucks Band, The Dire Straits, The Doobie Brothers, Family Groove Company, The Flaming Lips, Frank Zappa, The Goo Goo Dolls, The Grateful Dead, Incubus, John Coltrane, John Hartford, Joe Cocker, Justice, Keller Williams, Led Zeppelin, Mars Volta, Marvin Gaye, Mimosa, Minus the Bear, Modest Mouse, My Morning Jacket, Neil Young, Paco de Lucia', Paul Simon, Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Ratatat, R.E.M., Robert Randolph and the Family Band, Shoeless Revolution, Skrillex, SLM, Squarepusher, S.R.V, The String Cheese Incident, Supertramp, The Talking Heads, Tenacious D, Umphrey's McGee, Weather Report, Wes Montgomery, Yonder Mountain String Band, you, and on and on and on.....

What Moves was formed in Milwaukee during January of 2010 by guitarist and vocalist, Taylor Jarocki (formerly of Day to Day,) and Drummer Erik Burtraw. After two months of feverishly writing and rehearsing new material, the two turned their attention to searching for a keyboard player, bassist, and second guitar player. They hit their first stroke of luck when the saxophonist of disbanded group Day to Day suggested a vocal student at UWW and keyboardist, Jamie Hollenberger. After having a jam with her, Erik and Taylor blown away by her fiery stage presence and natural musical intuition. Jamie joined What Moves and began making weekly pilgrimages to Milwaukee for rehearsal.
The group, however, still required the addition of a bassist before they could prepare a full set. They took a look into great suggestion from Jamie. Multi-instrumentalist and UWW music student Ryan Cederoth was invited to a practice session to play bass. Again, after one rehearsal, the four felt an undeniable musical connection. Ryan hopped on board and What Moves postponed their search for a second guitarist and began to prepare a set for the summer performance season.
What Moves,very fittingly, played their first show on a semi truck trailer at the small but wonderful festival, Pic Fest in Lyons, WI in July of 2010. The crowd was pleasantly surprised when they were told that it was What Moves' first performance directly after a powerhouse set. The members, on the other hand,were no where near content and decided to focus their attention to finding another guitarist as well as fine-tuning, solidifying, and writing new music for a demo.
The final piece of the puzzle fell into place as the leaves started to fall that year. Noah Snyder, bass guitar extraordinaire of Day to Day, joined What Moves after the group realized Ryan's stellar guitar skills and he switched positions. The group hasn't been the same since. That fall, What Moves experienced a musical renaissance and in November the group started to put together a demo.

The group has since continued they're tireless pursuit, and continue to leave audience after audience in awe.


Sweet Nothings (Live & Acoustic)

Written By: Taylor Jarocki

Crowded city streets meet your walking stick right on beat
Keep the time. It's funny that you know that song.
Oh I love that one.

It's the summer/ the summer time.
So let's make us some summer sounds.
What are the odds? I'll take my chances.
I hope I'm around when the dances.

I think that's all she wrote when it comes to that.
But there's always another.
Here's a light go and give it one last try
from start to end.
Did you find something new that time?

I can't believe spring passed me by.
I'm letting out a summer sigh.
July creeps up on a fading June.
August ends by singing autumn's tune.
Please you leaves, stay on your branches
The ground, the ground, we use for dancing.

Wine has a way
of healing winter wounds for summer's sake.
But wine's not the same
As what we could make for summer's sake.
For summer's sake

I ask if you'd grace my ears with that voice of yours.
Just this once
You say you couldn't spare a measure here or there,
But you're a bird I swear
But you swear
that you're not.

Aviation, wings, and feathers
I'm soaring through that summer weather.
If you're to be heard by only the sky
or by any windowsill but mine,
when you sing, take a second glance,
It's your song that makes the whole world dance

And it's always such a shame curiosity framed,
because karma killed the cat.
Karma killed the cat.
That cold-blooded bitch, she was digging that cat's ditch
seven lives before his ninth.
And I'll be damned
if I let her kill again.

Never write the final draft.
I'm just working on my summer craft.
Will all five corners of the attic
help me make some summer magic?
May the sounds that are born here
may they last us
through all the times the whole world dances.

Wine has a way
of healing winter wounds for summer's sake
But wine's not the same
as what we could make for summer's sake

for summer's sake
for someone's
someone's sake


The Demo- April, 2011

Set List

Blaze On
One of these Days (Part 1 & 2)
Sweet Nothings
Sweet Somethings
Various Covers
Who's to Blame?