what happes after the cross

what happes after the cross

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W.H.A.T. epitomizes Holy Hip-Hop with truly skillful, energetic rhymes featuring singable hooks and powerful, relatable messages of faith, life and hope. They're dynamic live presence sets them comfortably before secular crowds, churches and young adult/teen audiences.


What is talent? What is substance? W.H.A.T. is in fact a seasoned Christian Rap group fast on the rise. Their name is an acronym meaning "What Happens After The cross?" and the energetic outfit comprises MCs Hasib McNealy and Angela “Choclatt” Idlet, two talents who joined forces after solo careers (Choclatt topped Billboard's "Bubbling Under" chart, and Hasib had been featured in numerous national commercials). As longtime friends, Hasib later invited Choclatt to perform a song called "Shake It Up", as well as joining him for a Pontiac Sunfire commercial in which the two New Yorkers were featured. The chemistry bloomed and the fiery duo was born.

W.H.A.T.'s debut album, Psalm 151: WeCome2PraisetheLord, followed. The project features music that bridges the gap between "Holy Hip-Hop" and traditional Gospel, while appealing to an array fans with its relatable messages. Released on Praise Music, it is designed not only entertain the flesh, but most importantly, to feed the spirit with uplifting, meaningful tunes.

This uniquely gifted group is ready and prepared to address a generation of young Christians who crave the sonic experience of today's music but not necessarily the message: "We wanted to record an album that's outside of the box... Our focus was not to preach to the choir but to reach the people in the streets by simply telling our story over catchy music they can relate to." Those sincere words come from rapper/producer Hasib McNealy, one shining half the gospel rap duo.

The group is currently amassing great buzz with the single and music video "The Goodness" from their re-released album Psalms 151: WeCome2PraisetheLord. Produced primarily by the group, the project also features multi-platinum producers KG, Tramp and Eric Sermon, along with renowned vocalist James "D-Train" Williams.

As they tour the world, touching lives and moving crowds, the group's hope is that people from all walks of life, no matter what faith, color or creed, will embrace this powerful music. W.H.A.T. will continue to stand apart as they rap their messages of hope and preach true life testimonies to go along with their memorable melodies.


"The Goodness" [single] - 2008 Praise Music Group
*Airplay on BET's Video Gospel
*National Christian radio play
*Upcoming airplay on Gospel Music Channel

Psalms 151: Wecome2praisethelord [album] - 2008 Praise Music Group (re-release)

Set List

Typical set list includes hit single "The Goodness" and other original Gospel Rap tracks. Forty-five minute sets typical, with longer or shorter sets available.