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This band has not uploaded any videos



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Chosen for feature article, issue release date TBA. - New York Press


Five track demo available.



What's What was born in a dark corner in Baltimore, where Juliet Bey (Mizzzz J) and Michael Lubbert (Sneeky Mike) traveled to watch Spank Rock perform live, the night before Christmas Eve. Relative strangers they turned the night into a song, in real time, the product of which was their first track called "Baltimore." From the Christmas sweater convention to the venue's suspicious lack of "fruit," What's What's off-kilter lyrical view was established as a value offering worth exploring. Musically, Baltimore's eclectic harmonies and feverish end sends a strong signal about the potential magic of their production partnership.

Sneeky Mike began playing music live at a young age, mostly in the metal scene. His tastes developed as he grew older and evolved into a collector of musical influences. In 2000, he formed the band "The Hood Gang," a seven piece "party-core" band whose materials echoed this wide range of musical interests - from punk to hip-hop to new wave. Concurrently, he worked professionally as a studio producer and engineer.

Mizzzzz J, on the other hand, developed her artistic viewpoint as a creative writer. While her focus was on fiction writing, she spent a number of years performing spoken word in Pittsburgh, PA and in Houston, TX. Professionally, she spent a number of years as a software developer. This experience has paid off greatly throughout her burgeoning career as a producer.

For both, What's What developed as an exploration of electronic music, both flexible and limitless. As communicators and artists the portability and uniqueness of their approach should pay dividends to their goal of sharing their inner voice with a generous cross-section of listeners.

Both Mizz and Sneeky are participators in and appreciators of the current punk-dance-rap scene currently breaking on the East Coast, especially in cities like Brooklyn and Baltimore. Their creative spirit, however, is peculiar to their steel city hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, echoes of which can be heard in the rough edges and DIY spirit of their sound.

In temperament, Mizzz J and Sneeky Mike are particularly well suited for the stage. Both extroverted and energetic, their performing talents also provide great contrast. Sneaky is an off-the-cuff firecracker while Mizzz remains powerful, sexy yet understated.

To wit: What's What -- that's what.