What The Shit?!

What The Shit?!


What the Shit?! is 3/5 Nunavut, and 2/5 Kingston, combined to make hard stompin, foot taping folk punk-rock music. Comprised of guitar bass mandolin and drums. Canadian version of the Clash mixed with the Pogues. You'll dance until the early morn' like you've never danced before


What the Shit?! Is comprised of 3/5 Iqaluit, Nunavut, and 2/5 Kingston, Ontario, and was formed in December '05 when the boys got together over a few beers and decided that there are far too few foot pounding good drinking bands around.They are known for their high energy shows and loyal, hard-stompin' fan base that supports their madness wherever they go. After opening for the likes of Fucked Up, The Cancer Bats, The Johnstones, and Lords they are looking to expand their horizons to all parts of Canada including upcoming shows in Iqaluit, Nuanvut and a cross Canada tour in the summer of ‘08. They released their debut album WTS?! - Fights Lions in 2007, toured the east coast of Canada to promote it and are currently playing in Ontario in order to promote it further. What The Shit?! will make you dance until the early morn' like you've never danced before!


What the Shit?! Fights Lions - LP

Set List

We have a different set list for every show but here is a typical one
Whats This You Doin' To My Brain
Blue Water
Ska Song
Good Pretty Woman
Ain't Got Nothing to Say
Sauce Packets
40 Buzz
Pickin' Flowers
Feel So Bad
Old One
Vague Ideas
Wine Bottles
I Wish I Were A Poet
Bad Reaction
As for covers anywhere from Bob Dylan, to the Pogues, to Pavement, to old Crusty Punk songs we like to mix it up quite a bit. A typical set would be 45 mins - 1 hour but we can go over if necessary.