what the thunder said

what the thunder said


Contagious, epic, triumphant, groovin, up-beat sustain in music form. What the thunder said leaves a lasting impression on a crowd.


WHAT THE THUNDER SAID is a four-piece, high-energy band with a wide spectrum of musical sound. Their diverse collection of compositions is filled with contagious rhythms and melodies that spread positive vibes to listeners. This is complimented with a live show that is constructed mostly of original tunes, punctuated with carefully chosen covers and intermittent pockets of improvisation. Much of the positive feel of their live performance is derived from the musicians themselves as they laugh and dance to the music they love, while interacting with the audience on a very personal level. Based out of Guelph, Ontario they possess a friendly, grass-roots attitude with a focus that is bent on creating epic sound and a positive atmosphere. In September 2005 they were described by ECHO magazine as "one of the most buzz-worthy up-and-coming bands in the area."

The 4-piece consists of bass and vocals by Steve Depiante, Mike Brooks on guitar, Paul Cope on drums and Keyboards by Fraser Charles. The band began with two classmates (Steve and Mike) who started shifting their focus from class to music. After making a conscious decision to form a band they recruited a third member (Paul). For the better part of a year (2004) this trio worked hard to create the skeleton of What The Thunder Said, practicing in their tiny cold basement and struggling to get paying gigs. By the end of 2004 they had managed to finish a homemade demo and had performed a number of shows around Guelph. They also created a soundtrack for Shivaree- a play that was produced by the Guelph Little Theatre.

Early in 2005 they picked up a fourth member (Fraser) who had specifically moved to Guelph in search of musicians and the opportunity to jam. The thunderous four came from previous bands with completely different musical directions including Country, Hardcore, Acoustic Groove and Pop-Rock. However, they all share a passion for intricate rhythms, delicate melodies and the thrill of improvisation. There is a definite appreciation among the band members for unique challenging compositions and an epic sound.

Only six months after the 4-piece had formed they had played over 20 shows including festivals like the North by Northeast festival in Toronto, the Come Together festival in Waterford, Wakefest 2005 in Wakefield Quebec, and sent a second play soundtrack (Deception) to the 2005 Toronto Fringe Festival. Their live performances are unique in that the audience seems to become involved in the music, as if the band members are feeding off of the energy present. They consistently have strong yet light-hearted communication on stage including shouts, nods, always lots of smiles and even sometimes a light kick in the ass to cue up a change. The group spreads the sense of balance between companionship, humanity and power that is embedded in core of their music.


what the thunder said - a live EP

Set List

- Main set is 50-60min.
- Often extend shows to 1.5 hour with a second set featuring a 2-piece horn section.
- Sets can go as long as 2 hours by incorporating covers and/or improv jamming.

Main Set:

1- Intro Jam
2- The Ring
3- 3 Blocks
4- Tennessee Miles
5- Monsoon
6- Tidal
7- Here Kitty
8- E Kick
9- Uiit

Added set with horn section

10- Intro Jam
11- El Camino
12- Algo
13- Bounce
14- Tops

Frequent Covers:

Moby Dick (Led Zeppelin)
Manic Depression (Jimi Hendrix)
First Tube (Phish)
Building Steam w/ a Grain of Salt (Dj Shadow)
Cissy Strut (Meters)
Femme D'argent (Air)
Fucking in the Bushes (Oasis)