What The Thunder Said

What The Thunder Said


What the Thunder Said's music is high-energy with a blend of epic rock and funk. The live show is powerful and memorable. The band has the ability shift between driving grooves, ambient sounds and tasteful builds. Their music turns heads of musicians, music lovers, and casual listeners alike.


Pure triumph over a base that is equal parts funk, glory rock, Mozart and Godspeed You Black Emperor. We will make you party harder than Rick James...

"In a short time, they have become one of the most buzz-worthy up-and-coming bands in the area." ECHO MAGAZINE

"...they're armed with a brand spanking new, full-length studio release entitled Turn, and continue to wow audiences with an evolving style that's honest, fierce and just plain fun ..." ECHO MAGAZINE

"Eclectic. The word has been used, to varying degrees of success, to describe artists ranging from The Arcade Fire to the late Frank Zappa. Try as I might, though, I cannot ignore the word when considering Guelph's What The Thunder Said... " VIEW MAGAZINE

"...pen to paper, fingers to instruments and rubber to road [they've] promptly achieved more than most young upstarts hope to in twice the time..." VIEW MAGAZINE

"...the band has instinctively fallen into a musical style that encompasses heavy progressive rock elements, moody art-rock tangents, percussive pieces with latin and deep funk feels, anthemic FM rock singalongs, and everything in between... an eclectic sound, indeed." VIEW MAGAZINE


Toronto, ON
North by Northeast Music Festival, North York Performing Arts Center, El Mocambo, Rancho Relaxo, Clinton’s, Crowbar, Gypsy Co-op, Reilly’s, the Hideout

Halifax, NS
The Marquee Club

Saint John, NB

Kitchener-Waterloo, ON
Starlight, Lancaster Tavern, Gradhouse

Ottawa, ON
Maverick’s, Zaphod’s, Café Dekcuf

London, ON
The Last Drop

Hamilton, ON
Pepper Jack Café, Casbah

Guelph, ON
Vinyl, Ebar, Van Gogh’s Ear, Jimmy Jazz, U. of G. Grad Lounge, Bullring, Ed Video

Moncton, NB

Peterborough, ON
The Trasheteria, The Red Dog, The Montreal House

Antigonish, NS

Windsor, ON
Phog Lounge

Brantford, ON
2 Doors Down

Mississauga, ON
Streetsville Soundbar

Wakefield, QC


recorded, mixed and mastered in January 2006. Good times provided by Greg Dawson at BWC Studios
Artistic contributions by Carl David Ruttan, Jim Slansky & Russell Smith (adapted with permission by Mike & Steve)
Photos by Graz and Rene Lear

Set List

Setlists vary depending on the venue and number of bands on the bill, they can range from a single 40 min set to two hour long sets. Here's a typical 1-hour setlist :
3 Blocks
Tennesee Miles
Here Kitty

We do covers like Manic Depression (Hendrix), Building Steam With a Grain of Salt (DJ Shadow), Moby Dick (Led Zepplin)