Claremont, California, USA
BandHip HopAlternative

A group of nerdy, talented kids from Southern California. Off beat grooves and counter culture references can be found in these kids' music. Powerful lyrics, hard hitting metaphors and harder hitting instrumentals (mostly self made), these kids are worth your time.


The journey of the enigmatic group known as The Comeback Kids all started one year in High School. The students who would later be known as Kid Shokora and Kid Raven met in a summer school class that they shared with a few other of the future bands fans. This fated day started the long-standing friendship of the two students and after reading some of the material that Kid Raven had published for others to see on his myspace Kid Shokora had an idea. Combining the lyrical pictures that Kid Raven made and the Poetic mystery that was Kid Shokora they realized that they had a Gift, one that could change what people thought of hip-hop and rap and hopefully take the two Genre’s back to their roots. The day people yearned for justice, yearned for peace, yearned for equality amongst all people. The Kids set out on their journey as they began, small, but with a large message. One day after watching the two members of The Comeback Kids, the future member of the Band realized the talent that they had hidden in them and the potential that they held and wished to be apart of them. The beautiful third member was known as Kid Endo after joining the group, her beautiful words and work of quick styled Freestyles gave her an easy in to the group’s ranks, as she became the soul singer and spiritual guidance that sometimes keeps the kids out of trouble. After they began to become a bit more known in the towns that they performed small freestyles and songs in they attracted the fourth and final member of the crew, Kid Classic, the kid had been a long standing fan after hearing one of the many powerful Beats that Kid Shokora produced and the lyrical stylings of Kid Raven. A fan from the start Kid Classic pushed and worked to gain the approval of the kids, Raven thought it would be perfect to allow this kid in and complete the group with four members but Shokora and Endo were a bit skeptical. After a deliberation between the two and a few words here and there from both Classic and Raven they accepted him as one of their own, the Kid became their powerful free stylist and rapid fire rapper of the group, a king in his own class. They became known as The Comeback Kids, true to their cause they began to set out in their cause to change the world for the better, in this case the world of music trying to heal the broken wings with the childish antics but powerful music that they conduct on their own


What time is it? (Kid Raven, Kid Shokora & Kid Frost of Comeback/!/Music). Stream it for free here: