What We Know

What We Know


What We Know is a 5-piece progressive rock band made up of cello, drums, bass, guitar, and vocals. After 6 months in the studio, the group is truly prepared for the live setting. And with songs to feature each member of the band, What We Know will surprise you with what they bring to the stage.


Rock guitarist turned classical guitarist turned rock guitarist, Gaelan Bellamy combines impressive technical training with pure cut-loose rock and roll. Gaelan is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Composition.

Jason Nolen (vocals) adds theatrical charisma to a variety of vocal techniques, ranging from piercing melody lines to gut-wrenching screams. When he’s not kayaking to the sea or polar-bearing in the Pacific, he’s the frontman.

Labeled “the mad scientist on stage”, Jon Dexter (cello/keyboards) seamlessly fuses a two-hundred-year-old instrument into What We Know’s progressive rock style. When the cello’s in the case, his colorful keyboard effects carry the listener to far off places.

Chris Hynes (drums) is a self-taught, self-inspired musician. His virtuosic speed and rhythmic complexity energize the music, providing the core of What We Know’s polyrhythmic style.

Sam Marshall (bass) plays melodic, through-composed bass lines, and backs it up with nothing less than an audience-captivating performance. He has dabbled in many musical styles, including jazz, classical, metal and progressive rock.


Where Thieves Feed

Written By: What We Know

As we wander focused in on trust
the forefathers beneath us silenced in their deaths
Breathing in their dust we seek their truths
but tales are told of freedom in the lands
For this we come with open hands.

Read between the lines and we will see
through unspoken words we will survive
In redefining what is ours, defending our identities
in letting go of everything, we find our peace.

Constantly struggling to breath
we were driven towards a dream
created out of desperation for
the answers to a question
that we don’t really need – it’s a lie!

We come to you to save our…
lives we save today will turn
cries flee fading breast we burn
seeds behave in wind less to lose
Hour vicious comes an ending dry
Aplenty by surprise ‘prived of life
to the ground abound they die, yet we still lie...

Our Mind

Written By: What We Know

The neon green peaking
sonically we're interpolating
the happenings of our daily lives
into continuum victimized by the collaborative grind
striving for perfection it's never black and white
but merely a collection of our collaborative mind

we have no power in this salvation in the first degree
augmenting both the left and right, searching for tautology

derivatives of our lives, we hesitate while germs survive
dramatizing every vocalization, manipulation left and right
contradictory in our ways, malheureusement we see our plight
never is it black and white but merely a reflection of our collaborative mind

From Our Cages Above

Written By: What We Know

Some days open up with promises, others squint away
Fearing change we call on angels, but they remain the same
Why are we so scared of sliding doors, where dreams are made of
Individuality left deceitful greed

From our cages above we wage our wars
Into the ages we explore
Led by the pages of our lords
How truth we ignore

With words are born, the tales they carry on
We deceive, they believe, time and time again
No child left behind, the air is clean tonight
Inspired by the divine, we drill

Why does he cheat, steal, and lie
While others are wasting away
And he’s not the only one
Just the delivery boy

One to bribe and two for their eyes
tying the knots one at a time

Set List

Sets consists of all original music. Our set can be tailored to any time length, but is typically 1 hour.

Song List: Where Thieves Feed, Our Mind, Unity, From Our Cages Above, Flightpath, The Living Monolith, Metamorphosis, The Laws of Living Life, Stromosphere