What Would Jesus Drive

What Would Jesus Drive


Electro indie rock band who are loud, brash, melodic, energetic and really rather good.

Tim and Amy have a lovely pet dog called Ernie.

Totally DIY.



Electro-punk rockers What Would Jesus Drive release their debut album in March 2011, though to whet your appetites it can be heard in full and for free from now, on their website. The album mixes high-octane electro indie punk with beautifully crafted indie rock songs, and sprinkles witty dark observational lyrics over the top to deliver a strong, loud, kick arse album.

Black and Blue is preceded by the two EPs: The Girls are in Charge and Fragile Mansions, with the haunting This Skeleton EP following, and it is the culmination of Tim Box (Guitar/Vox) and Aimee Casey's (Bass/Vox) musical journey so far, begun when they were both in indie rockers The Barbs. The end of The Barbs wasn't the end of their infectious sound though as Black and Blue can attest.

Now numbering four, with Gemma Hogan (Decks) and John Newman (Keys/Samples), WWJD have had a hectic schedule, including huge shows with Dirty Pretty Things, The View and The
Drums as well as a storming first appearance at Radio 1’s Big Weekend and causing rumblings in many tastemaker blogs online.


May 2010 Boomtown Twats EP
Sept 2010 The Girls are in Charge EP
Dec 2010 Your Awful Kids EP
Feb 2011 Fragile Mansions EP
Mar 2011 Black and Blue LP
May 2011 This Skeleton EP