BandHip Hop

Hardcore underground hip hop with raw and uncooth emotion. The type of music that makes you wanna get up and go bonkers. Melodic samples, backed by hard hitting drums, covered with rediculous steezed out flow...boom! you got ya boy Whatzisface?


With only a few years under his belt in the industry
"face money bags" has managed to get his name out there. Starting off as your typical battle cat, Whatzisface began hittin the streets and the arena's in every major city. From Philly, NYC, CT, Miami, Chicago, Minnieappolis, Cincy to many many more! Participating in events such as Braggin Rites, Pro Am, City vs. City, All City, Knockout Kings, Scribble Jam, and once again many many more!
Unfortunately, as most hip hop heads know, the battle road has a short path and careers don't get too far! So in 2001 Whatzisface hit the studio and put together a gizzilion plus demo songs. With an attempt to shop it around Face continued to travel and promote as much as possible. After two years of gettin his weight up in the booth face dropped an independent album called "The Professional Dirtbag" Although there were no major sales the album sold around 800 copies. Not satisfied he hit the road from his current stayings in Brooklyn,NY and moved to Chicago. There he put out one of the hottest underground mixtapes called 1900-MIXXXTAPE featuring the illest emcees in the Chi. Some of these artists included, Prime, Pugzlee Atomz, Lyric District, Blestenation, Mr.Greenweedz, and more. The Mixxxtape recieved raved reviews through several underground Hip Hop Mags, such as Milk, Profound, and Fly Paper. Now working on his 2nd album, plus colloboration album with producer extraordinaire JP, Face is ready to step up and make his mark. With influences by Boot Camp Clik, Non Phixion, Nirvana, Jenna Jameson, Stephen King, and Sharon, Lois and Bram, you could say Whatzisface is "quite" original.
After being tossed around from CT,NYC,NJ,MA, throughout his up bringing, Chicago managed to grab him for a few years. Here he plans to keep bangin em out with hopes to elevate his career to the highest. Alongside DJ Syzygy and partner in crime Reach plus the backin of www.subwaystiles.com there is no doubt Whatzisface will be a comodity to hip hop in the upcoming years.


"The Professional Dirtbag"/2001
"Hip Hop 101 Basement Mixtape"/2003
"1900-MIXXXTAPE" /2003
"Flashbacks mixtape" /2004

Set List

2.Grand Theft Auto
3.Zone Out
5.Rock On
Usually Ill cater to the spot we are performing. For instance if I'am the opening act I'll cut the set down to about 20 minutes. If the crowd is mainly there to see me, more so at colleges and local events, I'll go on for 35 to 40 minutes.
As far as the set list goes it varies in order depending on what kind of crowd it is.