W H Buddy Lewis

W H Buddy Lewis


Singer Songwriter not currently with a band. I have played professionally with a number of groups and bands since Jr. High School. Presently focussing on songwriting, home recording studio and limited performances.


Biggest musical influences:
Elvis Presley, Beatles, Dylan, Neil Young,
James Taylor, Dan Fogleberg, Hank
Williams, Don Williams


There's So Much I Can Do About It Now

Written By: W H Buddy Lewis


No one ever said that life was fair
Truth is I got more than I deserve
And life goes on without you here
Now I know I'm the one who's hurt

I spend my time workin on my songs
But no one wants to buy an empty page
Inspiration's like a resting bird
I reach out to catch the words
The meaning flies away

I can wonder where you are
Drive forever in my car
I can waste away the nightime
searching for a falling star
I can make the most of hell
Make a wish without a prayer
I know I can make it through somehow
There's (just) so much I can do about it now


repeat Chorus



No recordings released or songs published to date

Set List

Not currently performing on regular basis but
will perform for special events for showcasing