Colorado's jam band Wheel is a four piece high energy groove with ripping guitars,pummeling beats, and wailing vocals. Just try to imagine putting together The Grateful Dead, Sublime, and Blind Melon in a blender while cruisin route 66 at 100 miles an hour.


Wheel has performed with Whitestarr, The Rembrandts, Black Rhyno, Sister Carol, Tea Leaf Green, Motet, Lion Vibes and The Packway Handle Band. Nick Pants plays lead guitar and is the singer/songwriter for Wheel. Pants' previous touring band, Gracious Grooves, voted Best Band of the West by The Daily Sentinel in 2002, opened for The Telluride Bluegrass Festival and opened for bands; Drumz & Tuba, Carlos Washington, and Little Hercules. He was also the creator and lead for other bands; Apex, Junkyard Union, Bushmen, Gold Water Kings, Nick Pants Band, and now Wheel. Wheel plays a mix of many different styles including, friendly funk, jazz, rock, rap, blues, bluegrass, reggae, dancehall, samba, latin, pop, and punk. Master percussion player, Shane Trout worked for his music degree in Seattle. Trout is the back bone of Wheel. He has opened for The Dave Mathews Band and has sat in for many professional jazz and rock bands including Al Grey, Jill Cohn, John Clayton, Ingred Jensen, and Chak-a-kahn. On rhythm guitar, Ryan Clay. Wheel hired this classical, chucca, solid strummer a year ago. Clay, a player of fifteen years, has found his groove with Wheel. On bass guitar and vocals, Kevin Money. Always on the money, Kevin has played a wide range of music and styles with several bands- Lionvibes, Manic-kyn, Kevin Money Band, Gold Water Kings and Bushmen. K-Mo, an award winning theater grad, is a multi-talented veteran of the big stage.


Back Again

Written By: Wheel

Last night, I get into a little bit of trouble...


Rockslide Live 2003
Reggae on the Mesa 2005
Wheel demo 2006
Wheel Live from Gateway 2007

Set List

Wheel has over 8 hrs of original music.
When covers are requested, Wheel delivers-Sublime, Blind Melon,Jonny Cash, The Dead, whatever.
Set length depends on venue.