wheelchair molly

wheelchair molly


A breath of fresh air to music!


Is the biggest growing Alternative rock band to ever come out of the Denver area. With being one of the top downloaded bands on several web sites, and band of the month for April 2002 on Billboards billboard-live.com. Wheelchair Molly is gaining not only local music fan respect, but also respect world-wide. Wheelchair Molly has proven themselves to be one of our nations top alternative rock bands of the new this new millennium.

Ø Wheelchair Molly has set the music scene on fire! By the bands third show they were headlining at major venues throughout Colorado. The band has performed before thousands of people, and to say the least are now well polished. While doing the rounds in the Denver scene Wheelchair Molly has sold hundreds of CD’s, and T-shirts independently alone.

The band is a cross between The doors meet pearl jam meets Millemium rock


Live criket on the hill 2000
Live hermans hideaway 200 2001
Arise part1 EP
Clearchannel radio giants featured Wheelchair Molly several times during rush hour and as bumper music for the commute listeners, which was heard by millions of listeners.

spring 2002 wheelchair molly inks a deal with crownn recording group, a 40 city tour MTV europe filming behind scenes of the tour, fall 2002 crownn recording group pullsl out of the tour.

Since then wheelchair molly decline`s offer from record label.

PHAT"S" studios to open in July 2003 fully equiped to handle all bands needs

Set List

10 to 15 song set list over an hour of all original music, with more then 20 plus songs under them and growing.